Your Coolest Teddy Bear Birthday Party Ideas

Here’s our ever-growing gallery of Teddy Bear Birthday Party ideas, photos and stories submitted by visitors like yourself. We call them – Party Tales.

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Teddy Bear 1st Birthday Party Ideas – Mega Theme

Romina’s Teddy Bear Party – 1yr

Teddy Bear Birthday

 Tracy’s Teddy Bear Birthday – 1yr

Teddy Bear Birthday

Some of the great party planning ideas and tips you’ll find on our complete Teddy Bear 1st birthday party ideas include:

  • Cool Teddy Bear invitation ideas including original wording for your invitations.
  • Simple ideas for Teddy bear party decorations.
  • Cool ideas for Teddy Bear birthday craft and icebreaker activities.
  • Homemade Teddy Bear cakes and original ideas for 1st birthday Teddy bear party food, drinks and treats.
  • Lots of Teddy Bear party game suggestions, including “Bear Hunt”, “Teddy Bear Bean Bag Toss”, “Teddy Bear – Teddy Bear” and more.

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