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Coolest Winnie the Pooh Games for an Awesome Winnie Theme Party

Here’s an awesome collection of Winnie the Pooh games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Winnie the Pooh theme birthday party.

Musical Pooh Bear

Have everyone sit in a circle and while playing Winnie the Pooh theme music, everyone passes around a Pooh bear stuffed animal. When the music stops the player holding Pooh bear wins a treat (can be a little gummy bear or something honey-flavored, etc.). Have someone take care of turning the music on and off so that everyone gets to win a treat at least once or twice.

Guess the Teddy Bear

A nice idea is to tell all the guests to bring their favorite teddy bear to the party. Take all the teddy bears and mix them up, then one by one the kids need to guess who brought which teddy bear. Another idea is to completely cover each teddy bear with a blanket and then the kids only by hugging get to guess which teddy bear it is.

Hidden Honey Treats

Here’s one of those really fun Winnie the Pooh games. You’ll need very long pieces of yarn (one for each guest), little boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios and/or bags of honey-flavored candies, little pieces of paper, and a marker. Before the party, attach a little honey box or candy bag to the end of each piece of yarn. Hide the boxes/bags in cupboards, drawers, under chairs, under sofa pillows, etc. Then slowly stretch each length of yarn around the room, wrapping the yarn around furniture and intertwining with other pieces until you’ve used all the yarn pieces. At the other ends of each yarn piece attach a small paper with the name of a guest. Once the party starts, invite the guests to find their names and follow their threads to discover hidden honey treats at the end of each piece of yarn.

Pin the Tail on Eeyore

This classic game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ can be easily made into a Winnie the Pooh game. For this game you will need a large picture or poster of Eeyore without his tail (below we’ve created one for you – go ahead and print out Pin the Tail on Eeyore here…

Print out the four different parts of Eeyore and tape them together for a larger Eeyore. You can also print out the tail many times (one for each guest), or you can make the tails with gray felt or yarn.

Mount Eeyore’s picture on the wall. Have a prominent colored sticker where Eeyore’s tail needs to be. Each guest takes a turn, is blindfolded, spun around many times and then tries to put Eeyore’s tail in the right place. Each time someone gives a try you put a sticker with their name on it in the place they put their tail. The closest one wins!

Tigger Bounce on Rabbit’s Garden

This game is similar to musical chairs but with a Tigger twist. Tie a Tigger tail around each participant’s waist (the tails themselves can each be made out of a twisted hanger covered with orange fabric – with black stripes, and each secured with orange fabric or string around each person’s waist). Then download vegetable coloring pages from the web, print them out, have the kids color them and then put them on the floor so that they create a large circle (you’ll need the amount of kids there are minus one). Start the game with Winnie the Pooh music playing (best if it’s a Tigger song) and the kids need to bounce on ‘Rabbit’s vegetable garden’ in a circle. Once the music stops whoever is not standing on a vegetable is out. The last one standing on a vegetable is the winner. One of the coolest Winnie the Pooh games!

Bee Honey Pot Toss

Paint wooden clothespins yellow with black stripes, then hot glue wings (can be little pieces of plastic bag) to each (these are the Bees). The kids then stand from designated points in the party area and try to toss the bees into a big honey pot (have a big HUNNY pot on a chair, table or just on the floor… decorate it to look like Pooh’s honey pot). This game can be a ‘win’ and ‘lose’ game if you choose to (whomever gets the most in the honey pot wins, etc.) or just a fun activity the kids can play with (no winners and losers).

Tigger’s Parade Winnie the Pooh Games

Have all the guests line-up and give each one a musical instrument (can be bells, little drums, maracas, tambourines, and anything else that makes music). For inspiration, turn on a Tigger tune and lead the kids all around the party area, bouncing around and playing on their instrument. This is a fun activity that’ll get the kids’ energy up!

Musical Winnie the Pooh Animals

For this game write down on slips of paper the names of various animals that are part of the Pooh gang, like owl, rabbit, bear, kangaroo, pig, tiger, etc. and place those slips into a bowl. This game is played like musical chairs with one exception. The child who doesn’t get to a chair in time, must draw a slip from the bowl and act out the animal through sound and movement, until the other kids guess which animal they are portraying. Play Winnie the Pooh music during this game.

Musical Bees

You can transform cheap bobble heads (headbands with coils bouncing up and down) into bee headbands. Remove the decorations from the bobble heads and glue on styrofoam balls painted yellow with black stripes. Then print out these printable flowers and put them in a line one after the other (the amount of participants minus one). To start the game give each participant a bee bobble headband and turn on music. The kids ‘buzzzz’ around the flower line. Once the music is stopped the participant not standing on a flower is out. Then remove a flower and start again. The last buzzing bee left is the winner.

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