Many of the child games on this page have been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself. If you’ve got any cool ideas to add just scroll to the bottom of the page and share them with us, Thanks!

Pass the Patty

Play like “Hot Potato”, only use something resembling a crabby patty (we used a fake food hamburger). Have the kids sit in a circle and start passing the “patty” once the music starts. An outside person stops the music randomly and whoever has the “patty” is out. Play until there’s only one kid left.

Variations: for younger kids, have the kids pass the “patty” while an adult points at each child in turn and calls out the rhyme “Eenie-meanie-miney-mo, catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollars let him go, my mother told me to pick the hottest one and you are it!” with “It” being the out who leaves the circle. This way, there are no fighting kids trying to pass a “patty” w/o being caught – the end of the song decides the one who’s out.

Another way to play for younger/disabled kids is to cut a hole/slice in the “patty” and slip it onto a Hula hoop. The kids just have to slide the “patty” along the Hula hoop in front of the person next to them. You could use music or the “Eenie-meanie-miney-mo” method.

For older kids, have them pass the “patty” with their hands behind their backs, keeping wrists together so they have to line up, back to back, to hand the “patty” off. This makes the game a bit more challenging since they can’t see the “patty” and have a much higher chance at being caught w/it.

Pin the Square Pants on Spongebob

You have a Spongebob picture and a piece of paper with pants on it. You put a blindfold on each participant and have them try to pin the pants as close as possible to where they belong on Spongebob.

SpongeBob Toss Relay

This outdoor game is lots of fun, especially when the sun is shining! To play, you’ll need two containers of water and two identical bowls or buckets. Divide your guests into two teams and line up each team across a large playing area, spacing the kids far enough apart so that the sponge must be tossed from player to player. The container of water and empty bowl should be on opposite ends of the line. To begin, the player nearest the water container soaks the sponge and tosses it to the next player, and so on until it reaches the end of the line. The last player squeezes out as much water as possible into the empty container and passes the sponge back down the line. The goal is to transfer as much water as possible into the empty container within five minutes. When five minutes have passed, measure the containers to see which team collected more water!

Ha Ha!

The object of the players is to keep from laughing. The players get into a circle facing each other. One of the players says: “Ha!”. The following says “Ha-ha!”, the third continues “Ha-ha-ha!” and soon. If someone pronounces the wrong number of “ha” or laughs, he/she is out. The players who are out of the game try to make all the rest players (those who are still in the game) laugh. The player who laughs the last is the winner.

Squidward’s Octopus Tag

This game is a cross between Red Rover and tag. First you need to set up a rectangular “ocean” with boundaries. Let the birthday kid start the game as Squidward (SpongeBob’s cranky octopus neighbor). The birthday kid stands in the middle of the ocean, while all the other kids (Fish) line up at one end of the room. The birthday kid starts the game by crying out, “I am the Octopus, king of all motion. Let’s see if you can cross my ocean.” All the Fish then try to run across the ocean while Squidward tries to tag them. If they are tagged, Fish become Seaweed and must stay in their place and reach out and tag the Fish running by, turning those players into Seaweed too. If some Fish do reach the other side, the Octopus and Seaweed say the chant and the crossing contest begins again. The game continues until all the Fish become Seaweed. The last Fish gets to be the new Squidward Octopus.

Mr. Krab Walk

First show the kids how you get into the Krab walk position – hands and feet are on the floor (arms stretched down behind their feet) with head and torso facing up (kids also love doing the Mr. Krab walk backwards crazy crawl). Then place pineapples on either end of a space (living room, backyard, etc.) you’ll be using for the race. Divide the group into two teams and have the teams stand on either side of one of the pineapples. Have the first player from each team do the Krab walk from one pineapple to the other, and then back again. Once the first player has returned to the team, the next player goes out doing the Krab walk. Continue the relays until all players have a chance to do the Krab walk. The team that finishes first wins!

Spongebob Jelly Fishing

One person is Spongebob, the rest are jellyfish. Everyone but Spongebob will line up on one side of the room, and Spongebob will call out something like, “I want a jellyfish that’s wearing blue.” All the people wearing blue will run across the room. If they get tagged, then they join Spongebob and help him/her tag. All the people who didn’t have to go across get a free pass to walk to the other side of the “Jellyfishing fields” when all running is done. The last person standing is the next Spongebob. If there aren’t a lot of kids, you can just have the first person tagged become the next Spongebob.

Bubble Fun

SpongeBob’s specialty is blowing bubbles of course! So give each guest a container of bubble solution with wand and let them have fun blowing bubbles. You can award a prize for the biggest bubble, most bubbles, most effort, etc. so that every guest gets recognition!

Sponge Games

It’s amazing how many creative child games there are with just regular, plain old sponges. You can start with a sponge throw against a fence or screen – the winner is the one whose sponge bounced off the farthest. Next have the kids try and throw sponges into the cut out mouth of a large poster-size smiling SpongeBob. You can also put a pile of yellow kitchen sponges into a giant tub of water and let the kids have a water fight, using the sponges as the ammo.

Balloon Jelly Fishing

Submitted by Sam from Ohio

First you need to fill pink balloons with helium (I bought a disposable tank from Walmart) and tape a couple pink streamers to the bottom to make it look like a jellyfish. Then tie ribbon to the balloon so that you can weight it down (such as wrapping to around a rock or tie it to a stick/stake). Place the balloons at different heights through out your yard. Give each child a net (butterfly or kids fishing net, I found them at 5 and below for a dollar and they are good size) And let them go jelly fishing! You can give a prize for the most jelly fish caught. This game is great, serves as a decoration, a game, plus send the jelly fish home as part of a favor (so that it’s an easy clean up).