Coolest Spongebob Party Ideas

construction theme party

For my niece’s 5th birthday we did a SpongeBob party. Her birthday is in September so it was a nice day to have it outside. Party Decorations We decorated the back yard like Bikini bottom, with streamers and balloons, we had a small pool for kids to play in with water and balls (the small … Read more

Coolest Kid Party Ideas for a Spongebob Theme Birthday

The SpongeBob theme has some of the wackiest kid party ideas, so let’s party with the funniest sea creature and his underwater pals. You’re all sure to soak up some SpongeBob fun! First off, there’s a huge selection of SpongeBob party supplies and party packs. But don’t worry. You won’t need to browse around forever … Read more

Coolest Child Games and Activities for a Spongebob Birthday Party

Here’s an awesome collection of Spongebob party child games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Spongebob theme party.  Pass the Patty Play like “Hot Potato”, only use something resembling a crabby patty (we used a fake food hamburger). Have the kids sit in a circle and start passing the “patty” once the music starts. An outside … Read more

Donna’s Coolest Spongebob Birthday Party

Donna's Coolest Spongebob Birthday Party

This coolest Spongebob party was for my grandson who turned 3. We had a friend of the family become a clown who blew up balloon animals then later was Spongebob, he was the best! He had all the kids dancing! My shy grandson who now is 4 (and soon to be 5) is still talking … Read more

Elijah’s Jumpin’ 7th Spongebob Birthday Party

Spongebob Birthday Party Ideas

SPONGEBOB PARTY INVITATIONS: I Googled Spongebob pictures for ideas on how to create my son’s birthday invitations. I found the ones I liked and saved them in ‘My Pictures’ on my computer. I pulled up Microsoft Publisher and created an invitation that looked like a concert ticket. It was measured about 4 x 8 to … Read more