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Coolest Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday Games

Here’s a great collection of Rubber Ducky 1st birthday games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Ducky party. 

Rubber Ducky Tub Game

This is one of those simple 1st birthday games babies will love. The point of the game is to toss rubber duckies into the tub. You can use an inflatable baby pool or some kind of tub and fill it up with water. If you don’t have any of these (or if you don’t want to use water) you can decorate a cardboard box to look like a tub by putting blue saran wrap or paper from the inside (add white foam balls for bubbles ).

Let each youngster (with help from adults if needed) toss their rubber ducky into the tub. It’s very simple first birthday party game, yet highly enjoyable! If you want this to be harder for older children, challenge them to throw rings around the floating rubber duckies. Another cute thing you can do is put different colored dots on the bottom of each rubber duck. Then each kid can choose a rubber duck from the floating tub, turn it over, say the color and then choose a prize from the matching colored bag.

Rubber, Rubber, Ducky 1st Birthday Games

This is a different name for the classic kid’s game of “Duck, Duck, Goose”. You can play this with kids and adults together – even with babies sitting on their parents’ laps. Have everyone sit in a circle and someone starts walking around the outside of the circle and taps each person’s head and each time says “Rubber”. After a while that person needs to choose the “Goose” (which is changed to “Ducky”). Once he taps someone and says “Ducky”, that person needs to get up and chase the tapper around the circle.

The tapper’s goal is to sit in the place where the “Ducky” got up from. If the “Ducky” tags the tapper, they go back to where they were sitting and the tapper continues on. If the “Ducky” doesn’t catch the tapper and the tapper was able to sit down, that person then becomes the tapper. Don’t forget to have everyone wearing their shower caps for added fun.

Duck Calling Contest for a First Birthday Party

This can be hilarious – especially with the smaller kids. Get everyone together and have each guest give his interpretation of a duck call while the other guests try to mimic each call. One of the coolest 1st birthday games.

Pin the Ducky

With this variation of Pin the Tail. you can get very creative – Pin the Ducky in the Bathtub or in the pond. .

Soap Catch

Pair up the guests, have them wear their shower caps and give each couple a bar of soap (duck-shaped if you can find). Have them toss the soap to each other – wetting it before each throw – and take a step back after each successful catch. The couple that can toss the farthest without dropping the soap bar wins.

Popping Ducky Bubbles

Take a big tub or box and fill it with lots of bubble wrap (big ones and small ones). Add all kinds of rubber duckies so that it looks like a big bathtub full of bubbles and duckies. Then when it’s “bathtime”, put on some energizing music (like “Splish Splash I was taking a Bath “) and just have everyone start jumping on the bubble wrap to pop all the bubbles. This can be really exciting for the kids! For older kids you can put all kinds of candies in white and clear balloons (put in the candies before blowing up). Give each kid a bag for collecting candies and let them loose to go and pop the “bubble” to get their treats.

Duck Hunt I

This is a game for toddlers and kids who might be arriving to your baby’s first birthday party. Use the Pinata for this game or take a large piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape of a duck. Color and decorate it and hang it from a tree. Have the kids prepare water balloons and see who can “hunt” the hanging duck from a designated distance. You can also hang individual duckies from a tree using string and have the kids try to hit them.

Duck Hunt II

Hide rubber duckies around your party area and have a first birthday party duck hunt with all sorts of clues and hints to help each group advance from one duck to the other. The prize for the winning team – they get to keep the rubber ducks.

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