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Coolest Harry Potter Child Birthday Game Ideas

Here’s an awesome collection of Harry Potter child birthday game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Harry Potter theme party.

Search for the Sorcerer’s Stone

This cool child birthday game will get everyone in the spirit of Harry Potter in no time!! A job is always easier when great wizard minds join together (in this case, it means solving a series of clever clues to find the sorcerer’s stone which you can make by painting a stone or putting many small candies in aluminum foil and making an oval-like shape out of it).

To set up the kid party hunt, first choose four to six successive hiding spots around your house or yard (the last one will be where you hide the sorcerer’s stone). Then write a clue that leads to each one. For example, the first clue, which might lead the kids to look under the couch, can be printed backward so that only if they figure out to put it up to a mirror will they see the clue. The second clue, hidden under a shoe, for example, might lead them to the mailbox.

Another idea for a clever clue is to write everything with a white crayon on white paper, and put a colored marker and instructions to scribble all over the paper to reveal the message. For the remaining clues, consider writing a riddle about Harry Potter, creating a Harry Potter word search puzzle, coming up with a numeric code and a key to translate each number into a letter, etc.

Muggle Quidditch Child Birthday Game

All the kids will enjoy playing one of the important wizard sports in the world. Provide each kid with a broomstick. Divide the group of kids into two teams, each having their own goal and lots of room to play. Each team tries to sweep the golden snitch (a ping-pong ball possibly spray painted gold) into the other team’s goal (you can try using big trash cans tilted on their side for the goals).

Tame the Dragon

Tell all the kids to help tame Hagrid’s dragon, Norbert. Hang up a dragon pinata and then blindfold each guest and position him or her near the pinata (for older guests, spin each player three or four times before handing them a stick or other long object to hit the pinata (tame the dragon). For younger kids you can purchase a pull-string conversion kit for the pinata (sold separately). This gentler kid party pinata activity includes a trap door release and 20 pull strings.

Potion Scavenger Hunt

Hide different ingredients to a “potion” and make clues to find them. Have the kids separated into teams (houses work best). Explain to them that there is a very important potion that needs to be made but the ingredients are nowhere to be found. Give them the first clue and it is basically a typical scavenger hunt. The first team to find all the ingredients, mix them up, and name their potion wins house points or another type of prize.

Casting Spells Child Birthday Game

The game is similar to a water balloon fight. There are a bunch of water balloons that have a spell written on them. The child must read the spell and then recite it to the rest of the group before throwing it. They must only throw to the waist or below, not above. The children are in teams by houses and house points will be taken. The winning team gets a prize at the end.

Pin the Scar on Harry or Pin the Tail on Scabbers

The rules are the same as for Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Print out or draw a picture of Harry’s Head or Scabbers body. Then, use sticker paper to print out or draw lightning bolts or rat tails, be sure to put a small number on each sticker. Pin or tape the pictures to a wall. Have all the party guests draw numbers to see what order they will play in. In turn, blindfold each child and give them the sticker that corresponds to the number they drew. Spin them around a few times then let them try to stick the sticker to the picture. The person who gets the closest to the correct spot wins.

If you have 10 or more guests, divide them into houses and let each house play, then have the winners from each house play against each other to determine the champion. For multiple games, you can place a sheet of clear plastic over the pictures for the players to stick their stickers to. Then, after each game simply replace the sheet of plastic with a new one and start again. One of the coolest child birthday game ideas.

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

Just imagine how much fun you can have at a Harry Potter party with jelly beans that taste like sardines, black pepper, horseradish, lawn grass, and lots more crazy flavors! This is an AWESOME and fun activity. Give each guest a sheet of paper and have them number from 1 thru 10. Then have them eat the first flavor and determine which one it is. Have them write it down, and when everyone is done with the first flavor, tell them the answer. If they are correct they can circle that one. Continue until all 10 flavors have been tasted and guessed. The winner is the player with the most correct answers. You can usually find a wide selection of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans being auctioned on eBay.

Hooting Owl

This is a child birthday game where Harry Potter needs to find Hedwig. What you will need is a glass bottle (beer bottle, Coca-Cola glass bottle etc.) with a narrow mouth and a blindfold. Start by seating everyone in a circle. Then blindfold one of the kids (who decides to be Harry) and spin them around a few times, sitting them back down in the middle of the circle. Everyone passes the glass bottle around the circle without speaking and when Harry says “stop” the player holding the bottle must blow across its mouth to hoot like Hedwig. If Harry can guess who it is, the kids trade places and continue playing.

Since this game involves a glass bottle, its best that everyone is seated. (If there will be young children playing this game wrap the bottle in plastic bubble wrap, or any other protective layer so that if it falls it won’t break.)

Professor Snape’s Potions Class

First off, for this child birthday game, make sure to cover your kid party area with newspapers or do this activity outside (also make sure that each kid has an oversized shirt on for a smock). In this activity, you show the kids how to make a potion and then let them make their own. What you will need is small bottles/jars (possibly science lab beakers), baking soda, vinegar and food coloring. Give the kids the food coloring and vinegar and let them mix their own colors. The MAGIC comes when they add the baking soda to create a foaming bubbly response!!!

Gross Potions Class

Have the kids mix and make the most disgusting potions imaginable. They’ll love it! Fill and label several jars with all kinds of gross and nasty things. For instance, rovide blind dog and cat eyes (cocktail onions), hippogriff gizzards (sardines or smoked oysters), mandrake root (ginger), dream fluid (purple punch), bloodworms (spaghetti in red sauce), hollow stump water (water mixed with soil), and eyes of bats (black pepper balls). The kids will extremely enjoy just mixing all of these grossed out items and imagining what they can be used for.

Dark Arts Defense

Insert small pieces of wrapped candy into black and dark colored balloons before inflating them. Then tell the kids that these balloons belong to the dark side (Voldemort and the Bogarts) and that they need to stomp out the dark side by popping the balloons. For the next round (for a fun twist of the game) don’t allow the kids to use their feet! The prize is the candy from the balloons. [Note by Josephine E. – I’m an optimist! It could be nice to put lots of colorful candies in the black and dark balloons; for me it’s symbolic and educational — inside even the darkest people lies bright colors and a lot of good!]

Race to the Quidditch

Set up a relay race in your yard. Have four teams, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff – each team standing in a line one after the other. Then have a sign at the finish that reads “QUIDDITCH PITCH” a long and equal distance away from all of the teams. Have one wizard from each team race carrying the golden snitch to the finish line and back to their team giving the snitch to the next person (until all of the people on the team have had a turn). The team that wins gets the House cup as a prize.

Chamber of Secrets

Inform all the kids that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened and an evil monster has been unleashed! This is a game of tag, where you choose one kid to be the monster. Once the monster touches another player (the witches and wizards) he petrifies them and they must freeze. Petrified players can be freed by the Un-petrified (unfrozen) players when tagged by them. Once a player is frozen three times, they then remain permanently petrified. The last player to avoid being petrified wins!

Moaning Myrtle

This is a funny and silly Harry Potter child birthday game where the players try to outwit the birthday kid using their best moans, groans, whimpers and sobs! Start off by blindfolding the birthday kid. Then have the rest of the kids spread out into a safe room (that has no furniture, coffee tables, etc. or that the furniture has been pushed close to the walls); Once the kids are spread out, they mustn’t move from the spot they have chosen. All the kids then begin moaning and crying while the birthday kid roams the room in search of “Moaning Myrtle.” When the birthday kid finally finds someone, they then try to guess who it is by feeling their face with their hands. If the birthday kid is correct, the two switch places and the game continues.

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