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Coolest Kid Game Ideas for an Incredibles Theme Party

Here’s an awesome collection of Incredibles party kid game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Incredibles Theme party. 

Erupting Volcano

Here are detailed instructions for making your own volcano. The kids LOVE this activity. And. have Syndrome figurine around when the volcano erupts so that he’ll drown in the “lava”!!

Supers in Hiding

Here’s a great birthday game that can also be used as an icebreaker activity. In the Incredibles movie the Supers started getting sued for saving lives and so Super families had to go in hiding and become “normal, average” people each having secret identities. In this game have everyone stand in a circle. Fill a huge bag with all kinds of clothes- different hats, shirts, ties, wigs, etc. (it would be best to have all kinds of clothes from different professions and the funnier the better).

Then turn on music and have the kids pass the large bag around. Once the music stops the person holding the bag has to reach into the bag and take something out, whatever they take out they have to wear. The kid game ends once all of the things in the bags are gone. Don’t forget to take pictures of each Super’s secret identity for their “secret-identity files”!!

The Hidden Violet

This birthday game is based on the classic Hide and go Seek. One child is chosen to be Violet. That child gets a certain amount of time to hide (while everyone isn’t looking of course). The first person to find her gets to be Violet. Syndrome’s Search

For this kid game, choose someone to be Syndrome and put a blindfold on them. Then ask all the rest to walk in a circle around Syndrome until Syndrome points to any direction and shouts out “Mr. Incredible, reveal yourself!” That person towards whom Syndrome points to responds (in an indistinguishable voice): “I’m not Mr. Incredible!” This is when Syndrome gets three guesses as to whom this person really is. If Syndrome is right he gets to transfer their blindfold to the person chosen and the game continues; if he is wrong he stays as Syndrome and the game continues from there. This cool kid game ends once everyone has had a turn to be Syndrome.

Super Powers Kid Game

Before the party write down all kinds of super powers on sticker labels (for example super-speed, invisibility, x-ray vision, super-strength, flying, elasticity, etc.). Once you want to play this kid game have all the kids stand next to each other, all with their backs to you. Go one by one and stick a sticker on each kid’s back (don’t tell them what their super power is). The point of the game is that each kid needs to find out what super power they have by asking other players who read it and act it out (if your bunch of kids can’t read, you might want to try drawing pictures).

Frozone Freeze Tag

This is a simple game of tag where one kid is Frozone and all the rest are Omnidroids. The last Omnidroid to be left gets to be Frozone the next time around.

Wipe Out Syndrome

This is where the kids get a chance to wipe out Syndrome – Mr. Incredibles’ nemesis. Place a poster or picture of Syndrome on the floor and have the kids form a large circle around him. Then, give each player a balloon (not inflated) that has a certain mark or is of a certain color that signifies that kid (in other words each kid needs his or her own distinct balloon). Have everyone inflate their balloons (without tying) and all yell out together ” 3.2.1 Wipe out Syndrome!!” this is the cue for the kids to let go of their balloons and whomever gets closest to the picture gets a point (for a direct hit give 5 points). This kid game can work really well with teams – each team can have their own colored balloon.

Superhero Obstacle Course

For this game, get your Superhero guests to save the world by going through an action hero obstacle course. Set up an obstacle course around your yard or inside your home using cardboard boxes, garbage cans, old tires, bicycles, ropes, sports equipment, logs, trampolines, basketball and hula hoops, chairs, pillows or anything you can find to create a challenging course. You can have challenges like ball throwing, long jump, balance beam walking, climbing, crawling through a tube, running faster than a speeding bullet, bouncing a super ball very high, jumping off a chair, leaping over tall buildings (sofas), etc. When the kids complete the course, have a prize ready and even a certificate saying that they have successfully completed Superhero training at one of the coolest Superhero kid birthday parties.

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