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Coolest Kid Birthday Party Idea for an Incredibles Theme Birthday

On this page you’ll find cool “Incredibles” kid birthday party ideas.

(You should also check out the Superhero theme where you’ll find lots more party ideas that fit this theme…)

Start off by comparing these cool Incredibles party supplies:

Incredibles Invitations

A great invitation for this kid birthday party idea is the disappearing and reappearing Violet Invitation. Write all the party details with a white crayon on white cardstock to make the invitations appear blank. Include a color crayon with each invitation, and tell the kids to color over the paper to reveal the party details!

You can do this differently by buying invisible felt-tip pen sets and writing the party details on white sheets of paper with the invisible ink. With each invitation, enclose the pen that makes the invisible writing appear (tell the kids to color over the invitations to read the surprise information).

On the envelope you can write something like: “Calling all SUPER HEROES!!” and on the inside of the invitation you can write: “The time has come to release yourselves and break out of hiding!! Use your superpowers to celebrate (kid’s name) Birthday!! It’s going to be INCREDIBLY incredible!!”

Here’s another kid birthday party idea for an Elastigirl invitation – or even thank you note: Take a balloon and blow it up. With a black marker write all the information down and then deflate the balloon (The kids receiving the balloon will have to blow it up first to see the information). You can then put the balloon in an envelope and possibly write on the envelope or on a tiny piece of paper (“air needed” or “blow up for info”).. .


Incredibles Decorations

The main colors for this kid birthday party idea are red, yellow, and black. Use them wherever you can – balloons, streamers, plates and cutlery, etc.

A great kid birthday party idea for decorating is to get a few Incredibles posters or print out Incredibles pictures and hang them around the party area.

Take any Incredibles memorabilia, figurines, etc. and scatter them around the party area or put them on tables as centerpieces. Another fitting kid birthday party idea is to hang all kinds of action signs such as “POW”, “BAM”, “KABLAM”, and lightning bolts around the party area also. You can also make signs saying “No villains allowed”, etc.

Out of a large refrigerator box you can also make your own Super-Hero Photo Mural, for the kids to put their faces in while you take photos. These are great for thank you cards.


You can make your own costumes, check out all of these homemade costume ideas to help you out:

Take a look at all the coolest homemade Incredibles costumes.


Incredibles Icebreaker Activities

Superhero Insignia Shirts

A great kid birthday party idea for this theme is to make superhero shirts. Buy a few packages of plain white T-shirts. Beforehand, get a few pieces of cardboard and cut out templates of Superhero emblems, the kids pick the logo they want and paint it onto the front of their shirts.

There are different ways to paint onto shirts. One option is to get dye crayons and let the kids color their shirts and then an adult takes an iron and irons over the dye to make it set into the T-shirt. There are also special fabric paints which you can give the kids to paint using paintbrushes. Another option is puffy paint, which is in tubes, and each tube is a different color; the kids squeeze the colors out and wait for them to dry.


Homemade Incredibles Cakes

Take a look at all the coolest homemade Incredibles birthday cakes.



Kid Birthday Party Idea for Food

  • Incredible Pizzas: Take pita bread, separate the two parts (top and bottom) and each will be a separate pizza. Let the kids spread spaghetti sauce on each half and have all kinds of toppings available (grated cheese – “elastic-cheese”, mushrooms – “power mushrooms”, olives, pepperoni, etc.). Have pre-cut “i” shapes out of cheese for them to put on top. Then put each in the oven and cook until cheese has melted.
  • Super Power Sticks: Write a sign on a dish that says “For Super X-Ray Vision” and put inside sliced Carrots. “For Super Strength” use celery. And so on. Suddenly the veggies aren’t what they used to be.
  • Superhero Sandwich : Cut two long loaves of sourdough bread length-wise and fill with layers of meat, cheese, tomato, and lettuce.
  • Hot lava (chili) and rocks (cornbread)

Kid Birthday Party Idea for Drinks:

  • Power Drink: Serve the well-known power drink – Gatorade. And super charge it with pop rocks that’ll crackle, pop and split right before the kids’ amazed eyes.
  • Transforming Drink: Superheroes are always transforming back and forth. Here’s a drink that’ll transform right before the kids’ eyes. Prepare colored Frozone ice cubes beforehand with colored fruit juice, concentrate, or by adding a few drops of food coloring to each compartment before placing the tray in the freezer. Then, when you put the colored Frozone ice cubes in a clear drink like Sprite, it suddenly transforms into that color.
  • Red punch as “Lava” Juice (you can also swirl some orange sherbet into the punch for a thicker effect)

Kid Birthday Party Idea for Treats:

  • The Incredibles fruit snacks by Kellogg’s
  • “Frozone” ice cream
  • Elastigirl gummies
  • Power Bars
  • Vitamins: Skittles
  • Lava Jell-O (red jell-o)


Incredibles Games and Activities

Here’s a whole page with the coolest Incredibles party kid game ideas, such as:

  • Supers in Hiding
  • Syndrome Search
  • Frozone Freeze Tag
  • Wipe Out Syndrome
  • and many more (including visitor-submitted game ideas)…

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