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Coolest Tea Party Child Birthday Party Games

Here’s an awesome collection of Tea child birthday party games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Tea party. 

Fashion Show

You don’t need to be Armani for this. A few cheap clothes and accessories from the local Goodwill will be more than enough. Just wash ’em and have the kids get dressed up. Then put some hip music, and have them strut down the runway as you announce their luxurious attire. Polaroid or digital photos again are a must!

Teaspoon Race Child Birthday Party Games

Separate the kids into groups and have them race with a teaspoon full of sugar or tea – in their mouth – until they fill a teacup.

Pin the Tea Bag in the Tea Cup

You got it! Just create a tea cup with saucer, make tea bags and have kids place bag on the TOP of the cup! Of course, use your fanciest of hats to cover the eyes… Closest one gets first pick of tea

World’s-Best Butler/Server

Fill a few teacups to the brim and have the kids race back and forth with the trays held up high in one hand.

A Lesson in Balance

To be real ladies and gentlemen, one must have straight posture. Let the kids try balancing lightweight books on their heads… it will improve their posture and be a ton of laughs!

A Lesson in Manners

While the kids are all eating and sipping their tea, you can mention some etiquette rules of a tea birthday party: no double dipping in the sugar bowl once you put your spoon in your cup, place your cup back down on its saucer instead of the table, no slurping, sit in the chairs with nice posture, hold out your pinky when drinking tea etc. The boys can be asked to wait until the girls are seated before they too took their seats (a little old fashioned, but politeness is the general concept). Here are a few more Tea Party etiquettes:

  • Since it is a tea party, it’s okay to eat with fingers. However, if an item is particularly messy (has a runny filling), then use a fork.
  • Explain that they should take teeny bites from the tiny sandwiches and not stuff the whole thing in their mouth, even though it’s small.
  • When drinking the tea, they can hold the cup and saucer near their chest and then take the teacup off the saucer and bring it up to their mouth to drink.
  • Always say thank you when served something.
  • Explain that it’s okay to put your elbows on the table if you’re not actually eating. But, if you’re eating, then only rest the forearms on the table. One doesn’t want to be hunched over their food. Right?

And now let’s all sing: “I’m a little teapot, Short and stout. Here is my handle, Here is my spout. When I get all steamed up – Then I shout, Just tip me over and- Pour me out”!!!

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