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Coolest Rainbow 1st Birthday Party Games

Here’s an awesome collection of Rainbow 1st birthday party games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Rainbow party. Take a look at our complete Rainbow first birthday idea section for more of the coolest party-planning ideas.

Many of the 1st birthday party games on this page have been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself. If you’ve got any cool ideas to add just scroll to the bottom of the page and share them with us, Thanks!

Make a Rainbow

Fill a glass almost to the top with water. Place the glass so that it is half on and half off the edge of a table, and so that the sun shines directly through the water, onto a sheet of white paper on the floor. Adjust the paper and the glass until a rainbow forms on the paper. Another way to make a rainbow is to place a mirror inside a water-filled jar (wide-mouthed, smooth, circular glass jar or large plain drinking glass filled with water). Tilt the mirror slightly upward. In a very dark room with white walls, shine a flashlight onto the mirror. A rainbow appears! (Hint: If no rainbow appears at first, just change the angle of light from the flashlight or change the angle of the mirror.)

Circle Time Find

Get the kids to sit in a circle and ask each child to find something in the room with a certain color. They can then individually go get their object and bring them back to the circle to share.

Collecting Clouds

For this game scatter a whole bag of cotton balls in the party area. Then have the kids see who can collect the most ‘clouds’. If you don’t want it to be competitive, just tell the kids that they need to collect the clouds and put them all in the middle of the room together in order to create a big cloud (all the cotton balls put together).

Color Match

Cut out large circles of the primary colors. Then cut out smaller circles of all different colors. Let the children match the colors and match which colors make up the smaller dots (for instance, put a green dot in either blue or yellow).

A Colorful Guess

Put lots of skittles, M&M’s, or anything else colorful in a jar. Have everyone guess how many candies are in the jar. The winner gets the jar full of candies. (Don’t forget to count the candies beforehand…)

Floor Rainbow 1st Birthday Party Games

Divide the people into two equal teams. The players have to race to form a rainbow shape on the ground with there team. the first team finished is the winner. The winners shape has to look like a rainbow shape or else the game continues…

Skittle Nose Relay

This can be a funny game for the adults and the youngsters. Have a relay where each person has to tilt their head back and put a skittle on their nose. Then they have to walk forward until they reach a bucket and lean their head forward to get their skittle in the bucket.

Pot of Gold Hunt

This is a fun and creative game for the Rainbow first birthday idea. Get an empty egg carton and twelve small rocks that fit in the eggcups. Paint the rocks and corresponding sections of the egg carton with various colors. When the rocks have dried, hide them around the party area. Write down clues on colored papers (corresponding to the rock that’s to be found) and have the kids hunt for the rocks and match them to the correct sections of the egg carton. At the end the kids’ll find a pot full of gold chocolate coins that everyone can share.

Take a look at our complete Rainbow first birthday idea section for more of the coolest party-planning ideas.

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