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Coolest Scavenger Hunt Ideas

All of the following scavenger hunt ideas on this page have been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself. If you’ve got any cool ideas to add just scroll to the bottom of the page and share them with us, Thanks!

Navigation Hunt Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Submitted by Di Kayess from Australia

Each group of four kids is given a compass and taught how to read the main points. (N, S, E & W). The first clue is: “Look to the north of the start point and find your next clue.” The next clue is pinned to a tree in that direction. When they reach the end they find a treasure to share. ( e.g. A packet of cookies or a platter of fruit.)

Walmart Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Submitted by Andrea R. from Palo Alto, CA

For my daughter’s 13th birthday we had a Scavenger Hunt at Walmart. Before the party itself I went to a Super Walmart with a few friends who helped me scope out clues. I made the clues in a way so that each of the teams will have to go from one end of the store all the way to the other.

The whole group was divided into two teams (each guest can draw names from a hat to create random teams). The clues were items that would be used at the party itself (after the Walmart Scavenger Hunt we went back home and the girls had a sleepover). The items were: microwave popcorn, candy (just like the ones you buy at theaters – for the movies we rented to watch at night), fruit, English muffins, cream cheese (food for breakfast), photo albums, small dollar jewelry, flip flops, etc. To make sure they picked out the exact items, I wrote down the exact price amount right next to the item on the list.

The first item on each team’s list was a disposable camera, and each team had to take photos of themselves in many different areas of Walmart (they also had to make all kinds of funny faces, group photos, etc. which made great keepsakes after the party). To prolong the hunt, I even added items that I needed to shop for :-)!! Things like dog food, light-bulbs, toilet paper and other such items. It was a blast!!

Mystery Murder Scavenger Hunt

Submitted by Robert from Dauphin, PA

All of the participants in the mystery murder assemble 2 hours before the murder, they divide into two or more groups. The goal is to find the items on the lists provided and return to the crime. Several of the items will then be used in the mystery to solve who done it. Like clue but you go out and find the weapons and other props to help with the solution. Each item is awarded points as well and the team with the most points gets a prize. The person/s who solve the mystery get a prize as well.

Orange Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Submitted by Amy R. from Canton, MI

I created an original birthday and called it the “Orange Birthday Party” – it was all based on the color orange (my favorite color!). So one of the activities was an Orange Scavenger Hunt. The whole group was divided into two teams and each got a list that was based on the color orange, for example: an orange sock, an orange flavored tea-bag, an unused orange napkin, a small orange stickie note, an orange construction paper, an orange-flavored lollipop, a carrot, etc. We had this Scavenger Hunt in my neighborhood, so one team went to one side of the neighborhood and the other team to the other side of the neighborhood. Each team had to knock on neighbor’s doors and ask for the items in a 30-minute time limit. Each team got a big orange basket to put all the orange items in. It came out to be a tie between the teams! So everyone got gift certificates to our favorite ice cream shop :-), It was so much fun!! Hope you like my orange scavenger hunt ideas!

Road Rally Hunt

Submitted by Melissa

We run a road rally usually around Halloween. We map out a neighborhood route, everyone gets the same directions and scavenger list. Teams are sent in 5 minute intervals following the driving instructions they look for answers about things seen along the route. All items can be seen from the car.

Hints to where the answers can be found are before each question (ie: Answer on the right = AOR, look up= LU etc.) A window had a sail boat so the question was AOL- What seems to be the mode of transportation for this family. The answer was sailing.

The route includes a playground or park so they can get out, stretch legs and find answers (bring us a picture of the team playing hop scotch). There are great items in playgrounds, hard to find example: drain pipe numbers, counting the colors bars, etc. The team that get’s the most correct answers and scavenger items wins. Rally Masters drive around, watch the action.

Teams will end up in the same place, watching them hide answers from each other is a riot. Start time is 9AM and they must be back by 4PM. We have had as many as 35 cars so scoring takes a while which is why the end location (they have to find from clues as well) is usually a local bar/restaurant. Of course there must be a tie breaker question: How many right turns on the route. How many stop signs, etc.

Some scavenger examples are: tomb stone (loads of tomb stone pizza boxes) male team member must get one nail polished a specific color, ice cream taster spoon, picture with a public figure, specific year coin. All items can be inventive as well. Fun day for kids and adults. The great part is you don’t have to live in the area, just follow directions. P.S. LOVE YOUR SITE and all your Scavenger Hunt Ideas!

Mashed Potato Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Submitted by Jen B. from Baltimore, MD

I am having a party where the food will be mashed potatoes served in martini glasses with a selection of yummy toppings. Before the food, the unknowing guests will be challenged to a neighborhood scavenger hunt to find the following items and bring them back to the house, check out the following scavenger hunt ideas:

  • A picture of a street sign starting with the letter ‘J’
  • One current newspaper
  • Picture of your group at a Red Box looking at the movie selection
  • One packet of sugar from Dunkin Donuts
  • Picture of someone in your group buying a hotdog
  • Store credit card application (or flyer or ad)
  • Picture of a blue Post Office mailbox
  • A picture of a good looking cop smiling for the camera
  • One Chick Fil A sauce
  • Picture with someone working at a local store
  • Business card from a hairdresser
  • Picture of a house with the numbers 1 and 3 in the house number
  • One lemon
  • Picture of the whole team (minus the picture taker) in mid air, jumping off something (no feet touching the ground!)
  • A handful of chicklets from a gumball machine
  • A match or lighter from a stranger
  • A picture of the youngest person in your group with a librarian
  • A flower
  • Picture of someone in your group hanging from a jungle gym
  • A menu from a restaurant that serves pizza, wings, and spaghetti
  • A picture of someone in your group with an unknown member of the opposite sex over age 60
  • A taco
  • Picture of a dog
  • Picture of a house with a white fence
  • Little Caesar’s breadsticks
  • A group picture in front of a college

The winning group will each get a prize (toilet paper cores filled with gold dollars, peanut butter cups, gum, etc. wrapped to look like a party popper). Then it’s on to a round of charades and/or poker.

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