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Coolest Collection of Indoor Kid Party Games and Indoor Activities

Here’s an awesome collection of kid party games that are great for indoor parties or just for some indoor fun with the kids.

Balloon Stomp

For this game, all you’ll need are rubber bands and balloons. Blow up many balloons and tie a rubber band to each of them. Put a balloon around each players’ ankle by stretching the rubber band over their foot (it would be best over their sock so that it won’t hurt). Make sure players wear shoes to protect their feet (if you want you can put a balloon on each ankle). Play some music and have everyone stomp around, trying to step on and pop other players’ balloons. Whomever has the last balloon left around their ankle is the winner!

Ha, Ha, Ha

Laughter is contagious. The object of this – one of the funniest kid party games – is to keep a straight face while the other players try to make you laugh. All players form a circle and one player begins by saying, “ha.” The next player says, “ha, ha,” followed by the next player who says, “ha, ha, ha,” and so on around the circle with each player adding another “ha”. Each player must pronounce their “ha ha’s” as seriously as they can, to avoid laughter as long as possible. Any player who laughs or makes a mistake drops out of the ha-ha circle. However, that player then gets to try and make the remaining players laugh in any way they can (except by touching them or talking). The player who keeps a straight face the longest, wins!

Sock Mania

How many socks can you put on one foot? What you’ll need for this game are lots of socks and two blindfolds. Two kids at a time play this while the others cheer them on. Have two kids seated on the floor with their shoes off, and a pile of tube socks between them. They can each pick one tube sock and have it ready to pull onto their foot before being blindfolded (someone will need to keep track of the time).

When the host gives the signal, they have one minute to see who can put the most socks on one foot! There is always grabbing and pulling for socks. This is one of those kid party games that can get pretty hysterical to watch. After one minute, have the two kids stop and begin counting how many socks each one has on their foot. Then have the next two kids play. If you want, there can be a play-off until you have one winner and a prize.

Jungle Knots

Here’s one of the most twisted kid party games. Have the kids stand in a circle facing inward. To begin, everyone extends his or her right hand into the ring and takes a hold of someone else’s hand. Then, they do the same with their left hands. The object of the game is to see if they can untangle the “knot” by stepping over, ducking under people, or turning around. Whatever happens, they can’t let go of hands!

Blindfold Cotton Ball Race

In this game the player needs to transfer as many cotton balls from one bowl to another using only a spoon. The catch? They’ll be blindfolded. You’ll need to prepare bowls, cotton balls, blindfolds, and spoons. This game works best when you play two players at a time. Blindfold the players and give each a spoon. Place two bowls in front of each player, one of which has 20 cotton balls. The other bowl is empty. Once you say “GO!”, each player must transfer as many cotton balls from one bowl to the other in 30 seconds. The trick is that they are so light you can’t really feel them on the spoon and this makes it hard. The winner is the player who transfers the most.

Ice Drop Kid Party Games

Form two teams. Choose a starting line and a finish line about 10 feet away. Each group of players line up at the starting line. The first person in each group is given two toothpicks. Each team has two bowls, one filled with ice cubes – one for each player – and another empty one that is placed at the finish line. Once you say “GO!”, each team tries to pick up the ice cubes with the tooth picks and race to the bowl at the finish line. If an ice cube falls, it has to be picked up off the floor with the toothpicks. After each player drops their cube in the finishing bowl, they race back and tag the next player who then goes. First team to get all their ice cubes in their bowl wins!

Jell-O Eating Contest

Make one bowl of Jell-O for each kid (plus have some extra on hand). Line the bowls along the ground. It’s a good idea to place a tablecloth or other protective covering on the ground for easy clean up. Each kid places their hands on the ground beside their bowl and must keep them there throughout the game. When the command is given to start, all the contestants begin eating their Jell-O – hands-free! The first one to clean their bowl completely wins.

The Old Man and the Sea

You’ll need a blue blanket, spring-tension curtain rod, fake fishing poles, prizes, and silly “throw-back” items. Hang a blue blanket across a doorway using a spring-tension curtain rod. An adult (the Old Man) hides on one side, in “the sea.” Each kid takes a turn with the fishing pole (a paper clip or clothes pin acts as the “hook”) and casts over the top of the blanket. The adult on the other side pulls on the line and attaches either a prize or a “throw back” (a funny item the child would not want to keep, such as a pair of jockey shorts, a wig, a baby bottle, old boot, etc.). Each kid gets to cast until they win a prize. If you have a large group, two or more children can fish together so that the game doesn’t last too long.

Toilet Paper Wrap

This is one of the classic kid party games in which the kids race to wrap each other up from head to toe in toilet paper. Each kid has a partner. One is the “statue” and the other wraps. Set a time clock to count off seconds. When the clock starts the wrapper has to completely wrap up their partner from head to toe. It’s harder than you think but also a lot of fun. The first one to wrap up their partner completely with no body parts showing wins!! (One roll of toilet paper per team.)

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