Easiest Balloon Animal Instructions

Twist the 3 Most Popular Shapes – Dog, Swan and Sword You’re not an expert balloon twister (and you don’t strive to be one). All you want right now is to learn some basic balloon animal instructions so that you can twist a few shapes at your kids party. Or, even better, teach the kids … Read more

Coolest Birthday Games – How to Survive and Enjoy Game Time

Here is a collection of tips to help you survive the birthday games portion of your child’s next party. Every kid birthday party is different. Indoors, outdoors, five guests, fifty-five guests, boys, girls, Army theme, Princess theme. But one thing’s for sure – at some point they’ll be playing birthday GAMES. Now, I’ll decorate, I’ll … Read more

Coolest Birthday Party Soap Bubble Games and Activities

Ready, steady, blow! You can add bubble games to every birthday party – regardless of the theme you choose – and it’ll always be a blast (I mean burst!). Bubble-making is one of the coolest activities (even for grownups) and it’s probably also one of the cheapest to put together. Bubble games set the scene … Read more

Coolest Bubble Recipes to Help You Make HUGE Soap Bubbles

Have fun making your own bubble solution with these fun-to-experiment-with bubble recipes. Commercial solutions may be fine for general use, but a bunch of bubble-crazed kids trying to blow really big bubbles requires lots of solution which can get quite expensive. Joy and Dawn (made in the USA) are considered the best detergents to use … Read more

Coolest Face Painting Birthday Party Ideas

Kid face painting is a BIG favorite amongst children ages 3 to 99!! You’ll find great face painting birthday party ideas on this page. Getting Ready Tips Kids should put their hair back with a clip / hairband. Clean their faces with a moisture wipe or tissue. Prepare lots of towels and tissues & have … Read more

Coolest Tips and Ideas for Making a Pinata

One of those important tips and ideas for making a pinata is to make sure – before you start to either spread many newspapers all around or create the pinata outside (creating a pinata can be messy). And get ready for great family fun! Basics for creating your own Pinata: What you’ll need for the … Read more

Coolest First Birthday Games

Here’s an awesome collection of First Birthday games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever 1st birthday theme party.  Time Capsule This is one of the coolest and most memorable first birthday games. Have all kinds of stationery, envelopes, pens and colored pencils and let everyone write a letter to your baby to be opened when they … Read more

Coolest Icebreaker Game Ideas

It’s always a great idea to set up an icebreaker game station where the kids can keep busy while waiting for the guests to arrive. Here are some of the coolest icebreaker ideas that can be set up at virtually no cost and used for any kid birthday party regardless of the chosen theme. Glitter … Read more

Classic Kid Activity and Game Ideas for Birthdays

Yes, even today, some of the “old-fashioned” kid activity ideas and birthday games (such as Musical Chairs and Simon Says) can provide lots of great laughs and excitement for the new generation of “highly-sophisticated” computer kids (and grownups). Many of the games below are time-tested, they have been proven to work, and they can be … Read more

Coolest Kid Craft Idea: Styrofoam Cup Binoculars

A great kid craft idea for most parties is setting aside a craft table with glitter, glue, stickers, markers, crayons, colored papers, etc. For my daughter’s 3rd birthday – a Safari party, I decided to create a special attraction at the craft table. The only problem was that I decided to do this just a … Read more

Learn How to Make Volcano Eruptions!

This “Make Volcano” project is a great activity for kids, especially at a party such as the Dinosaur theme party or the Luau theme party. It involves making a volcano that, based on a reaction between baking soda and vinegar, spews out a bubbly flow of “lava”. The kids LOVE it! However, don’t expect the … Read more

Coolest Collection of Outdoor Kid Games for Parties and Outdoor Fun

Here’s an awesome collection of outdoor kid games, perfect for throwing the coolest outdoor theme parties or just for some outdoor fun with the kids. Banana Bowl Form two groups for this relay race. Have all the players line up with a banana on a string dangling from their waists and almost touching the ground. As … Read more

Make Playdough with these Coolest Playdough Recipes

Playdough is a great icebreaker activity! And with the easy homemade playdough recipes below (edible and non-edible), you and your kids can prepare playdough in no time and at a fraction of what the ready-made playdough kits cost. You can also turn simple household items into playdough tools, such as cookie cutters, plastic butter knives, … Read more

Winners of the 2004 Coolest Child Costume Contest

(Our first-ever child costume contest turned into a full blown Web site for you to enjoy – Take a look at Coolest Homemade Costumes…) GRAND PRIZE WINNER – $150 Gift Certificate “Peas in a Pod” Child Costume submitted by Lori D. Caledon Village, Ontario Canada This “Peas in a Pod” child costume was made for … Read more

Cool Birthday Party Planning Tips

Thank You Note or Thank You Not? You don’t have to, but. Sending a thank you note is a great way to let your guests and their parents know how much you and your child appreciate their effort. I truly understand why most often thank yous are NOT sent out. So much energy is put … Read more

Important Birthday Party Planning Tips

The party planning tips below will come in very handy when you’re planning your next party. Often, with all the stress involved in throwing a party, little – yet very important – things can make the difference between an awesome party and a not-so-great party. Regardless, the most important tip is to remember to have … Read more

How is Happy Birthday Said Around the World?

In the Happy Birthday list below, we’ve tried to bring together all the different ways Happy Birthday is said around the world. Living in today’s global village, it’ll come in handy next time you want to wish your long-distance friend a joyous Birthday. Surprise them in their language! Afrikaans – Veels Geluk Met Jou Verjaarsdag … Read more

Birthday Traditions from Around the World

Although birthday traditions are quite similar in some countries today, not everyone celebrates in the same way. There are numerous traditions surrounding birthdays, some of which are described below. You may recognize some of the customs, while others will be very unfamiliar. There may also be special birthday traditions in your family or a friend’s … Read more

Create a Birthday Time Capsule

The Birthday Time Capsule is a wonderful activity for your kid’s birthday party, especially for a first birthday party. Prepare all kinds of stationery, envelopes, pens and colored pencils and let the guests write a letter to your child to be opened when they turn a predetermined age! (Some of the beloved relatives or guests … Read more

Birthday Jokes, Quotes and Sayings

Birthdays have inspired some of the funniest birthday jokes, quotes and sayings. So, sit back and get ready to read some of the funniest birthday jokes around. If you’ve got a few jokes of your own, share them below. Let’s See If You Can Answer These Birthday Jokes… Q: What do you give 900-pound gorilla … Read more

How Did Birthdays Start? Birthday History 101

Here’s a bit of Birthday History… Birthdays are original, personal, noteworthy traditions. Some people like to forget them. Others prefer smaller celebrations. But for some, the day must be a flag-waving, band-playing joyous merrymaking occasion. We are so used to celebrating our birthday every year that it seems like it’s been a tradition almost forever!! … Read more