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Coolest Collection of Outdoor Kid Games for Parties and Outdoor Fun

Here’s an awesome collection of outdoor kid games, perfect for throwing the coolest outdoor theme parties or just for some outdoor fun with the kids.

Banana Bowl

Form two groups for this relay race. Have all the players line up with a banana on a string dangling from their waists and almost touching the ground. As the whistle blows, the first two try to hit a ping-pong ball with the banana, hands-free, to a finish line (about 15 to 20 feet away from the start). The first to the line is the winner.


This is a communication game (that can be quite educational) where you try to talk your blindfolded teammate through a series of obstacles.

What you’ll need are blindfolds and a number of moveable obstacles such as balls, chairs, jackets, shoes etc.

Define boundaries. Have the team create a list of things that are detrimental to functioning as a group such as poor communication, anger, jealousy, wrong tools, not listening etc.

For each characteristic/action, throw an object into the playing space, the “minefield.”

Have the kids within a group choose partners. One partner is blindfolded at one end of the field. The non-blindfolded partners stand at the opposite end of the field and try to talk their partners through the minefield without them running into any of the obstacles. If the blindfolded partner touches an object they’re out and another partner must try. However, once they are blindfolded the other team can move the objects around if they choose. The team with the highest number of successful crossings wins. After the game is over (if you want it to be more educational) ask the players what they learned from the activity? Did the blindfolded people trust their team? Why or why not? Why is good communication important? etc.

This is one of those outdoor kid games they kids really love!

Blob Tag

The kids avoid being tagged by the ever-growing and dividing “blob”. First, define boundaries. A player is chosen to be ‘it’ or ‘the blob’ and the others run. When tagged by ‘the blob’, the player joins hands with ‘the blob’ forming a larger blob, and together they continue chasing the others. Once ‘the blob’ is made of four people, it splits into two blobs (two pairs) and each blob continues chasing the others. The last person caught will then become ‘the blob’ and the game starts all over again.

Capture the Flag

There are two evenly divided teams. Create a boundary line. Each team gets a “flag”, it can be a sock, an old t-shirt, etc. Each team has to hide the “flag” somewhere on their side with at least an inch of it showing. The teams try to sneak to the other teams side and find their “flag”. People caught on their opponent’s side can be tagged. If they are tagged they are sent to jail and can only get out if one of their teammates can come rescue them.

Once the teammates grab a hold of one another, they run off to their side without getting tagged and sent back to jail. Who ever gets the opponent team’s “flag” first wins the game. This is a lot of fun to play in a very large area, like a park or out in nature. It’s also good to have trees around or other objects that people can hide behind.

Chasm Bridge

This is an outdoor kid game where two teams must cross the bridge (a bench or log) without falling off. You will need a bench or log which is somewhat narrow and at least five feet long. Divide players into two groups. Place the groups on opposite ends of the ‘bridge’ (the bench or log). The groups need to pass each other to get to the other side of the chasm. Anyone who falls off goes to the end of their group. First group to pass all their people across wins.

Dress up Relay

In this relay race, kids dress up in funny clothes and race to the finish line. Some of the accessories you’ll need are hats two hats, two pairs of large pants, two pairs of large shoes, two suit cases, boxes or trash bags, two pairs of sunglasses, two wigs (optional), two ties (already knotted) etc. Determine a starting line and a turn-back line about 15 feet apart. Place each set of clothes in a separate bag or suitcase. Place the suitcases at the start lines. Divide the players into two small groups and line them up at the start line. Blow the whistle or say go! The first players in each line open the suitcase and put on the clothes.

They then shut the suit case and run to the turn-back line and then stop, take off the clothes, put them back in the suitcase and carry the suitcase back to the start line where the process starts all over again with the next person. The first team to finish wins. The more clothes you add to this outdoor kid game, the funnier it gets! (You can also put clothes that fit your birthday theme, like pirates clothes, princess clothes etc.). One of the coolest outdoor kid games.

Flour Tag Outdoor Kid Games

This is a fun outdoor kid game where you get tagged with flour-filled nylon sacks. Things you’ll need are dark shirts and flour nylon stockings (also choose a person to be the referee and determine a jail area). Each player must have a dark T-shirt on (black or navy blue works as well). Give each player a nylon that is filled with flour. Tie the nylon at the end to make it into a ball shape.

The group plays tag as normal but players are knocked out by throwing the flour torpedoes at each other. You’ll be able to know exactly who has been hit by the flour mark on their shirts. The referee must keep their eye on the players and call out those who are hit to the jail area. Keep a damp rag handy to clean up the shirts between rounds. A variation of this game is “capture the flag” with the two teams possessing a flag at each end of the playing field. Have the teams try to get their opponents flag without being tagged.

Water Balloon Toss

This is one of the best summer outdoor kid games in which the players try to catch water balloons! With each successful catch they move farther and farther apart. Pair off players into groups of two and have them face their partner about 3 feet apart. Begin tossing balloons to each other. Every time the balloon is caught the player that caught the balloon takes a step back. Eventually someone is going to get wet! You win by being the farthest apart while still successfully catching the water balloon. Raw eggs also make for lots of laughs.

Pass the Orange

This game requires very little: only two oranges (no problem…) and people with both a neck and a chin (now that’ll be a bit harder to find…) Divide the group into two teams. Once you say “Go!” the players must pass the orange from neck to neck using only chins and necks. The team that can get the orange to the last neck in line the quickest without dropping the orange wins.

Red Devil Outdoor Kid Games

This game works best when played around a house or building. Determine a starting line or a home base that you can touch. Players all begin in front of the house. Red Devil is the player who is “it.” The Red Devil faces the other players and declares, “I’m thinking of a type of (shoe, car, candy bar, etc.).” The other players then try to guess (in no particular order) what the Red Devil is thinking of (for example if the category is candy bars, they would say things like Butterfinger, Mars, Milky Way etc.).

The Red Devil calls out the name of the player who eventually guesses the correct item. Then, the Red Devil and the player who guessed correctly take off running around the house in opposite directions. The first person to make it back to the starting line becomes the Red Devil. (After players get tired, the rules can change to: the first person to get back to the starting line is NOT the Red Devil.)

Ice Cube Race

Try to get ice cubes out of a pool using only your feet! What you will need is a small inflatable pool and ice cubes. Split the kids into two teams (or more if you have a lot of players) and choose one team to go first. Designate a timekeeper and have them clock 60 seconds. Have the first team stand barefoot (of course) in the pool. They can stand or sit. The moment you say “Go!”, throw 20 large ice cubes into the pool. Now starts the hilarious part of this outdoor kid game. See who can take out the most ice cubes using only their bare feet in the designated. After the 60 seconds have elapsed, have the other teams try and the winner is the team with the most ice cubes out.

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