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Coolest Birthday Party Game Ideas for a Sports Theme Party

Here’s an awesome collection of Sports theme birthday party game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Sports party.

Besides the birthday party game ideas below, many of the activities can include classic ball games, such as basketball, soccer, touch football, etc.

You can buy some nice and inexpensive medals to give each kid at the end of the games. Team games can get very competitive, so just remember that at the end – everyone wins!

Use a big piece of cardboard to create a scoreboard. Suspend it from a tree or the ceiling and use it for keeping score during the activities.


Before any of the activities you can have an adult (or an older kid) dress up as a coach and take the kids through warm-up and stretches, giving them tips and a pep talk.

Spot the Ball

Similar to pin the tail on the donkey. Use a large sheet of green card or paper to make a football pitch. Draw on some goalposts and mark out the field. On a separate piece of card make a football and pin it onto the board somewhere. Make cardboard players in different scoring positions (use the internet to source imagery and print and stick on to card. Give each child a cardboard player and they take it in turns to wear a blindfold and tack their player onto the board. The nearest player to the ball is the winner!

Ball Relay

Here’s another one of those hilarious birthday party game ideas. Divide the group into two teams and have each team stand in a line. Give each team a ball (any kind of ball, but a bigger one is best). The first person in the line puts the ball between their knees. On the mark of ‘GO’ each player of each team, hops to a designated point and back. Once they’re back, they pass the ball to the next player and the first team to finish wins.

ALL STARS Introduction

Have each kid crash through a pre-made paper sign – just like the stars do in the big leagues. This is one of the coolest birthday party game ideas to start off the games. Parents can be invited back to the party early to cheer on their kids. To create the signs use a type of very thin paper, like crepe paper. Before the party, cut the paper into 6′ sections. With poster paint, write each kid’s name, nickname and number in large print.

At the start of the games have two adult helpers hold each end of the paper, and let each player crash through the paper as his/her name is announced (if you’re not using “tearable” crepe paper, you may want to perforate the center of the paper with a small nail or utility knife beforehand to make the big entry easier). Make sure to connect a microphone to a stereo or computer and have an adult be the sports commentator that announces the kids’ names and numbers, and some pre-scripted notes with a little personal bio of each kid. Try to give each child the same amount of airtime (you’ll definitely want the video camera running on this one!).

Tongue Tied Birthday Party Game Ideas

Here one of the coolest birthday party game ideas. Give each player a bag or stadium cup with 10 small treasures in it, such as candy, chocolates, little favors, etc. (label each bag with players’ names so that they don’t get mixed up). At the beginning of this game tell the players exactly when the game will be ending (this game can be played throughout an entire party if you decide to do so). The point of the game is to catch fellow players saying one of the following words or phrases: “Sports”, “Ball”, “Goal”, “Score”, “Team”, “Catch”, “Pass”, and other sport related words you choose (post the words on a prominent board to help guests remember).

If someone is caught saying one of the words on the list, that person has to give up a treasure from their stash. The person that ends up having the biggest amount of goodies is the winner.

Ball Throw

Hang a small or large hula-hoop target from a tree branch and mark off a series of distances from the hula-hoop (5 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft, etc. – depends on the ages of the kids). One at a time, players toss any type of ball through the hoop from the closest distance. Once a player makes it in, he or she backs up to the next farthest distance.

Sport Trivia

This is one of those birthday party game ideas that work well indoors, as well as outdoors. In this game you’ll get to see how much the kids really know about sports. Before the party, prepare lots of age-appropriate trivia questions for your guests. Separate into “easy” and “hard” questions. When it’s time to play, divide the kids into two teams. Decide what kind of sports game you want to use. Here’s an example of a baseball field: Set up a small baseball diamond in your party room using chairs or pieces of paper to mark first base, second base, third base and home plate. Have the teams flip a coin to see who “bats” first. The way batters get to first base is by answering an easy trivia question correctly. Team members already on base advance to the next base when batters answer correctly.

When the bases are loaded and third base needs to run home, the batter gets a hard question to answer in order for the team to score a run. Any wrong answer is equivalent to one OUT (there are three outs for each team every inning). You can consider playing the game until one team scores five runs instead of playing nine full innings. This is one of those birthday party game ideas that can easily be modified to fit any sport.

Water Balloon Game

Form two teams and have each on opposite sides of a net/rope. Give each team a big beach towel and have them hold each corner of the towel. One team “volleys” a water balloon over the net to the other team using only the beach towel. If a team doesn’t make it over the net/rope or if a team drops/pops the balloon, points are awarded to the other team.

Trivia Sport Hunt

Here’s one of the best birthday party game ideas for a “hunt”. It’s a more active version of a trivia game. Write clues on construction paper (cut up in the shape of different balls). Then hide the clues in different places that lead to each other. Every time the kids get to a new clue they’ll need to answer a sports question or do a sport activity before they can move onto the next clue. By each clue you can put little presents too that will motivate the kids (for example- sport pencils, whistles, etc.). The kids should do this with at least one adult who will actually be giving them hints (if they don’t figure out things) and leads them to do certain activities.

Sport Dress-Up Relay

Divide the group into two teams and have them stand in two lines. In front of every line make two piles of the same type of sport clothing (could be uniforms or parts of uniforms, jerseys, helmets, cleats, mitts, etc.). The larger the sizes of the articles, the funnier it gets. Place an orange cone about 15-20 yards in front of each line. After blowing the whistle, the first players need to quickly dress up in all the clothes from their pile, run to the orange cone and back, undress for the next player to do the same. The first team to have all of its players complete the course wins.

Ping Pong Bobbing

Fill two fairly big tubs with water and float ping pong balls in it. The children have to stand with their hands behind their back and during a minute take out as many balls as possible with their mouth. You can also do this with containers full of flour where the kids have to find the balls using only their mouths.

Dodge Ball Game

Form 2 teams and have them be facing each other with a line between them (each team can’t cross the line to go to the other team’s side). When you blow the whistle the game will start. 1 person gets the ball. The person who is throwing the ball will try to hit a person from the other team. If the ball hits the person from the other team below the head, that means that person who got hit is out. If you catch the ball with no bounces, then that player can choose a person on their team to come back in.

Pass the Ball

Form two teams and have them stand in a straight line. Give the first players in each line identical balls. Once the whistle is blown the ball needs to be passed from player to player. The catch of this game is that they can use any part of their bodies with the exceptions of their hands. If the ball at any time touches the ground, it has to go back to the beginning of the line again. The first team to get the ball to the end of the line is the winner.

Glow in the Dark Wiffle Ball

This isn’t really a pool party game but I couldn’t find anywhere else to put it. I’ve always wanted to play glow-in-the-dark softball at midnight but everyone always told me it was “too dangerous”. For my 15th birthday I finally convinced my mom to let us play wiffle ball in the dark. We’re going to spray paint t-ball kits (you can get them at Walmart) with glow-in-the-dark paints, then all wear those glowing necklaces. We got permission to use a horse arena at our Cowboy Church so I have a feeling it’s going to be great! If you have a kid that loves baseball or softball like me, or just likes having fun, this would be a great idea for your party, too! I hope I helped! :)

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  1. Sports Gold Medal

    As kids arrive to the party hand them each a gold medal and identify a word they should not say (could be the word “sports”, or “basketball”, or any other word that you think will be easily used throughout the party). If throughout the party a kid says the word – the first person to hear that word calls out and gets their gold medal.

    At the end of the party, whoever gets the most gold medals is the winner (you can either play throughout the whole party, or set a time limit for when this activity ends).

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