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Coolest Finding Nemo and Under the Sea Birthday Games for Kids

Here’s an awesome collection of Finding Nemo and Under the Sea birthday games for kids, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Under the Sea party.

Jelly Fish Jump

Set 3-4 Hula-hoops on the ground. Explain to the kids that these aren’t hoops, but jelly fish, and their task is to jump from one jelly fish to the next. Their feet must land inside the hoops, otherwise they’ve been stung. At first, lay the hoops at a short distance from one another. After one round of jelly fish jumping, increase the distance between the hoops and have the kids jump again. Continue increasing the distance until the hoops are really far apart. The winner is the kid who makes it through the hoops without ever getting stung. This is one of those birthday games for kids that can be played as a relay race with two groups.

Deep Sea Relay

This activity can be hysterical!! (Tip – you should do this race outside because it gets a little wet…). What you’ll need is two sets of over-sized flippers, goggles and Beach Pails filled-to-the-top with water. You then divide the kids into two teams, and have the first in line (of each team) put on the flippers and goggles. Each person must run to a designated line with the water-filled bucket and then runs the same course back again giving the next team member the goggles, flippers and water-filled beach pails. (You can offer two prizes for this game. One for the winning team and one for the team with the most water left in the bucket.)

Turtle Race

Have the kids pair up. Designate the EAC (East Australian Current) through which the kids will be racing (their race track), and have them carry each other piggy back. You can come up with some fun rules. For instance, if anyone drops their partner they have to go to the starting point, or, let’s see who’s the slowest turtle, etc. This kid game can also be played with two groups instead of pairs.

Shark Tag Birthday Games for Kids

Designate the Shark (you can even make a headband with a shark fin to make the kid-shark feel like a real Jaws…) And have the kids play tag. Whomever the Shark eats either is out or also transforms into a Shark. You can have lots of fun with this kid game.

Whale Talk

This is one of those birthday games for kids that everyone sits in a circle. Come up with a fun sentence and whisper it to the first kid. He has to whisper it to the kid sitting beside him, but in Whale Talk. You can imagine how distorted the sentence will be once it reaches the last kid who says it out loud to everyone’s enjoyment. Another great idea is to designate five minutes of Whale Talk only where the kids can only speak in Whale Talk. You can also take any of the other games and just do them in Whale Talk. This is loads of laughs – just like in the Finding Nemo movie!

Under-the-Sea Action Game

Cut out fish from construction paper and write different actions on each. For instance: “Make a train with your friends”, “Pretend you are swimming”, “Jump up and down”, etc. You can have the kids decorate the other sides and then attach paper clips to each one. Place the fish on the ground with the decorated side facing upwards and the kids all get a turn to “fish” with a pole (that you make from a stick, string and magnet on the end of the string). They all have to act out whatever is said on the fish they catch.

Reel Out a Prize

Use the same pole from the last game but replace the magnet with a clothespin. Then hide behind a blue curtain made of blue strips of crepe paper. When the kids throw their line over the curtain, you’ll be waiting with a basket-full of prizes to clip onto their line. One of the coolest birthday games for kids.

Blow Fish

Place some gumballs in small bowls for each contestant. Fill the bowls with whipped cream from a can to hide the gumballs. With hands behind backs, the guests plunge face first into the whipped cream and must fish for gumballs. The first one to find the designated number of gumballs, chew them, and blow a bubble is the WINNER!

Water Pinata

Fill a garbage bag with water and some water prizes like water pistols, goggles etc., hang by rope from a sturdy tree branch, same as Pinata rules — spin round 3 times and try to hit with a broom stick or similar,have 3 goes each, the winner is the one who pops the bag and gets soaked!!

Diving Game

Place various sea creatures on the floor. The guests and parents all hold onto the sides of a big blue sheet and make waves (you can put ocean sounds in the background). When you chant each guest’s name, they “dive” under the sea and bring back a sea creature (for instance, “John, John, dive under the sea and bring back an octopus”).

Octopus Tag

For this game, the birthday kid begins as the Octopus in the middle of a large playing area. All other kids are Fish who must try to run past the Octopus to the other side of the playing area. If a Fish is tagged, they then hold hands with the Octopus and become a tentacle to help tag more fish. The last Fish alive becomes the next Octopus.

Fish, Fish, Shark

This game is the same as duck, duck, goose but instead of saying “Duck, Duck, Goose” they say “Fish, Fish, Shark”. You can also exchange the terminology to be more “Nemo” friendly and say Dory, Dory, Bruce! Have children sit in a circle with one staying out. That child becomes “Nemo” and he/she walks around the circle tapping each child on the top of the head. With each tap they say, “Dory” until they choose one to be “Bruce”. Bruce is the shark so the person chosen as Bruce will jump up and chase “Nemo” around the circle. If Nemo makes it back to the open spot, they sit down. The child still standing becomes Nemo and thus the game continues.

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