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Coolest Noah’s Ark First Birthday Game Ideas

Here’s an awesome collection of Noah’s Ark first birthday game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Noah’s Ark 1st birthday party. 

Baby Floor Play

A classic first birthday game is to let the babies explore, touch and cuddle with all the soft stuffed animals for floor play. You can also, build an ark with play pillows or large soft building blocks. Build tunnels for the little ones to crawl through, climb over and knock down.

Animal Parade

Play music and have an animal parade, playing follow the leader with animal movements and sounds.

Find Your Pair Noah’s Ark First Birthday Game

This game is fun for kids who will be attending the party. Give each kid a little plastic animal and have them go look for the animal’s pair (an identical animal that you hid before the party). You can hide the animals in a sandbox or around a house or yard. The first person to find their animal pair – wins!

Guess Your Animal Game

Tape a paper with a picture or name of an animal on the kids’ (and parents’) back. Everyone has to ask questions until they find out what their animal is.

Animal Story Time

If you’re up to a bit of storytelling, a captivating Noah’s Ark first birthday party idea is to read an animal-related story with an animated voice, and use animal puppets.

Noah’s Ark Q&A

This game is more for adults (many 1st birthday parties are for the adults :-). Make up cards, on each card write a question and on the back the answer. The questions should have to do with the biblical story of Noah’s ark or even questions about animals. You can also write a few questions that deal with your birthday boy or girl. Ask the questions one by one – the first to give you the answer gets a point. You can also give out hints if noone knows the answer. After you finish with all of the cards, count who has the most points (the winner!).

Pool Babies

A nice and refreshing activity on a warm day would be to fill a baby pool with animal play toys and boats and let the babies cool off.

Animal Charades

Cut out a bunch of animal pictures from a magazine, or print out from the Web. Then print them out or paste them to index-sized cards. Each guest (kid or parent) gets a turn to pick a card. Then they must act out their creature (no words are allowed, but animal noises are encouraged) until the others shout out the animal and then everyone has to act out the same animal together. This can be very funny to play with the adults.

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