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Coolest Fashion Makeover Party Games to Play

Here’s an awesome collection of Fashion party games to play, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Fashion theme party. 

Dress Up Relay

This is a relay race in which the kids dress up in all kinds of fashionable clothes, jewelry, wigs, sunglasses, etc. and race to the finish line. It’s one of those really great games to play. Divide the group into two teams. Determine a starting line and a turn-back line about 15 feet apart. Place each set of clothes in a separate bag or suitcase. Place the suitcases at the start lines. Divide the players into two small groups and line them up at the start line. Blow the whistle or say go! The first players in each line open the suitcase and put on the clothes.

They then shut the suitcase and run to the turn-back line and then stop, take off the clothes, put them back in the suitcase and carry the suitcase back to the start line where the process starts all over again with the next person. The first team to finish wins. The more clothes you add (and the more they’re over-sized), the funnier it may get! This is one of the classic games to play.

Make Up Mania

This is one of the most hilarious games to play. Blindfold everyone, hand out makeup items such as lipstick, and have them walk around blindfolded, find a model (victim) and each has to make up the other. Then they find another partner. Set a time limit and when time’s up, have everyone remove the blindfolds and discover how made up they’ve become!

Makeover Movies

If you’re child is having a sleepover and the kids are a bit older, you can watch a cute movie that has to do with fashion and/or makeovers. An old classic movie would be “Calamity Jane” (starring Doris Day) who starts off as a tomboy and throughout the movie gets a complete makeover (it’s a musical). Or a movie made in the last few years called “Miss Congeniality”, a really cute and fun movie where the main character (Sandra Bullock) who is an extreme tomboy gets a huge makeover in a US beauty pageant.

Fashion Show

You don’t need to be Armani for this. Neighbors, friends, relatives and secondhand stores are excellent sources for dress-up items. Have a walkway and dividers so that the kids have a place to stand behind and even change into more clothes (have at least one long mirror on hand so the girls can admire themselves and see how they look before doing the “catwalk”). To make it more official, gather people to be the audience (you can even make this the last activity and ask the parents to come a little bit earlier to see the fashion show).

Before the show you can try to show the girls how to walk, what kind of faces to make, etc. You can also have them watch the fashion channel for a few minutes to get the feel and see how it’s done professionally.

Connect a microphone to your stereo system and have an MC to the fashion show who can then announce each girl’s name and describe her fashions. For instance, “Doesn’t Heather look sensational in her silk shirt, vintage taffeta skirt, ravishing pumps and matching zebra-striped hat? Just remarkable!”

Upbeat music (Madonna, Paula Abdul, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, etc.) will enhance the event as the girls strut their stuff! Also, set up a few fans blowing at the kids so that their hair looks like it’s flowing in the wind.

The fashion show is the perfect photo opportunity for you. Take lots of pictures (black and white as well-these come out professional looking) and then you can send a picture with the thank-you notes you send out. It’s also a great idea to video tape this.

After the show you can give out awards, badges, or sashes. For example: Best Hair, Best Smile, Best Dressed, Most Glamorous, etc.

Nailpolish Fashion Activity

Here’s another one of those cute games to play in which you arrange different color nailpolish like the numbers in a clock. Then you put something you can spin in the middle (like a bottle) and each girl has to spin it. Whatever color nail polish it lands on, that’s what the girl that spun has to put on her nails. Let everyone take a spin till everyone has Dazzling Nails! (and don’t forget about toenails! the girls can spin the nail polish bottles again and have a different color for their toenails).

Decorate Clothes and/or TYE-DYE!

You can buy inexpensive T-shirts and let the kids decorate them (whether it be with puff paints, special paints used for clothing, or if the kids are old enough to sow, they can sow on all kinds of buttons, jewels, etc.).

Another great idea is TYE-DYE! This is a great activity because the kids can bring any article of clothing they want to dye, new or old. You can Tye-Dye nearly anything – T-shirts, scarves, socks, underwear, etc.

What you’ll need are 3-4 packages of dye (Rit is a common brand), a large container for each dye (big buckets or plastic bathes work well), and lots of rubber bands. Follow the directions on the dye and keep each color in a separate container.

Wherever you want to place a patter on a shirt, pull that part of the fabric into your hand and fasten a rubber band tightly around it (the area under the rubber band will remain unaffected after you’ve dyed it). Then take that part and dip it in a certain color you want.

The amount of dye that penetrates the cloth depends on how loosely or tightly the fabric is bound, and how long it is left in the dye. If you are planning to use many kinds of colors on one piece of clothing, dye light colors first and dark ones last. The color of the dye should be just a bit darker than the color desired because it lightens as it dries.

You can pull as many areas of the fabric as you wish, tying and dipping as many times as you want. For all kinds of different designs you can attach objects such as buttons, bottle caps, and other stuff to the fabric before dying.

Once the fabric has dried, rinse it in cold water and squeeze out the excess moisture, roll in a towel, and air dry (provide bags for damp shirts).

Musical Fashion – Games to Play

Before the party organize a big bag with clothes. Everyone sits in a circle and just like the game “Musical Chairs” someone has to turn music on and off. When the music starts playing, the big bag of clothes gets passed around the circle. When the music stops whoever has the bag of clothes shuts their eyes and picks out an item of clothing and then has to put it on. The bag gets passed around the circle until all the clothes are gone. The person responsible for the music becomes the judge and picks the person with the funniest clothes on who then wins the game!

Who’s in My Purse?

This is one of the games to play where everyone sits in a circle except for one player who sits in the middle of the circle blindfolded. All the rest of the players shuffle places so that the one in the center has no idea who’s sitting where. All the players get a picture of an item which would typically be found in a purse (such as lipstick, money, a little mirror, car keys, etc.) The blindfolded player asks everyone “Who’s in my purse?” and points in any direction. The person being pointed at needs to disguise their voice and say “It’s me, I’m your [little mirror, lipstick, car keys]”. The person in the middle needs to guess who is speaking. If they get it right, that person replaces them the middle.

Henna Tattoos

This is one of those games to play that’s recommended for an older crowd (ones that can be serious and cautious about things). Henna tattoos are really great to do and have-it’s made from all natural substances and will usually stay on from a few days to a few weeks. You can purchase Henna kits online and in holistic-like shops. It comes with directions explaining how it is mixed and usually comes with plastic bottles that have tips for easy use. Since this tattoo will stay on longer than a regular temporary tattoo it is important that they don’t use it on their face. There are many designs that can be created. (There are lots of Henna Websites that offer free design ideas.)

Don’t Break a Nail!!

This is one of the funniest games to play! What you’ll need are lots of press-on nails. Have all the contestants put press-on nails (even if there are boys – this makes it much more hilarious!). Once the nails or on (make sure they are put on with temporary adhesive tabs), hand out an orange to each child and start an orange-peeling contest. The winner is the child who can peel an orange the fastest with the least nails broken.

Designer Toilet Paper Dress

Submitted by Tabatha L. from Bonney Lake, WA

This can be lots of fun and really gets the kids creative juices flowing. What you’ll need for this activity are LOTS of cheap toilet paper rolls, tape (masking tape, wrapping tape, black photo tape, etc.) and scissors. Divide everyone in the party into groups of at least three. Give each group equal amounts of tape, toilet paper, and a pair of scissors. In every group there is a person chosen to be the model, the rest are the designers. Using only toilet paper, the designers create a dress on each person in the group.

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  1. Tinfoil fashion

    Get 2 packs of tinfoil and make 2-4 teams the object of the game is to have one model and the rest on that team make a dress or outfit out of tinfoil, at the end send pics to relatives and let them judge
    You can also add other acesseries like sticky jewels, elastic bands and tape of course enjoy!

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