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Coolest Fashion-Themed Birthday Party Games

Find The Right Colored Clothes

by Simran Sandesh Padiyar
(Panjim, Goa, INDIA)

The rules of the game are: each child will get a load of clothes and each pile will have different colored clothes. There will be one leader and he/she will say a color, for example “dark blue”. The person has to find a pair of dark blue skirt and top. Whoever finds a blue top but not a skirt or if the top isn’t dark blue (or any other unfinished combination) is out of the game. The first person to find the matching top and skirt wins (they can take the top and skirt as a prize).

Messy Makeup Fashion Party Game

by Michaela

Everyone gets a partner and 1 person out of each pair has to put a blind fold on. Then with the blind fold, they have to put makeup on their partner (it might sound easy but it can get very funny and messy)!

Dance Show


Choose someone to be a Judge. Get into pairs and makeover yourseves or one another really nicely and then make the best dance ever!

When you are done, turn by turn show your dances and the judge chooses the best dancers and the best pairs which had really good hairstyles, look, and dances.

Unique Fashion Accessory

by Carly
(New York)

This game is just for girls who love fashion and like designing. Each player gets a piece of paper, some type of cloth, colored pencils; markers, crayons, and they design an accessory that they think will be high fashion in the future. There are not many rules, only that; they can not design an object that is already made, and they can’t do the same object another player is making. The person with the most creative and original design wins and gets a prize!

Make Me Up Fashion Party Game

by Candis

You will need an even number of players so everyone is paired up. Place on a table every kind of make up item you can get. One person stands in front of the table with their hands behind their back. The second person stands behind them and puts their hands and arms through the first persons (in between arm and side of their body) so they can reach the table and makeup. When the parent says “GO” player 2 must put each makeup item on player 1 as accurately and quickly as possible. You can set your own time limit. The one who was the most accurate applying the makeup and quickest wins!

Drama Bag Fashion Party Game

by Jordan Moss

This game is really fun to play at parties! All you have to do is fill a few shopping bags with random items (make each bag have different items). Then, separate people into teams with two or three people on each team. Next, you give every team the same amount of time such as 15 min.

Each team to come up with something like a commercial or a little skit for items in their bag. You must use every item in the bag. You can also add judges if you like!

Fashion Chocolate Cutting Party Game

by Kirsha
(Finland )

Everybody sits in a circle around a table. Everybody takes turns at rolling the dice, if you get the number 6 you have to put on gloves and a scarf and try to cut chocolate with a knife and fork and eat it one at a time… while you are doing that everybody else has to keep rolling the dice, if someone else gets the number 6 they have to bump the other person that is cutting chocolate (like a fashion model having a cat fight), take the glove and scarf and continue doing what the first person was doing.

Makeover Fashion Party Activity

by Tatiana

You have everyone couple up (there has to be at least two different couples or more).
From each couple, one is getting a makeover, and the other is creating the makeover. Give each couple ten or so minutes to create the makeover, assign a few judges, and have a contest for the best makeover! (the judges can also assign a few categories, ‘best makeover’, ‘wackiest makeover’, ‘funniest makeover’, etc.)

Design A Look


Have a pre-printed doll with a blank dress or shirt/skirt and have each of the party goers design a look for their printout. The birthday girl (and maybe a few guest judges) will ‘judge’ each look and name a winner. (think: project Runway)

Kiss The Star Fashion Party Game

For this game you will need posters of guy stars for girls (and vise-versa, girl stars for guys), and lipstick (one poster per guest). Have each girl take turns being blind-folded, put on lipstick and try and kiss that star!!! At the end, the person with the closest lip marks to the star’s lips wins!

Your guests can take home there posters!

Have fun playing!!

Pass the Bag Game

by Claudia
(London, UK)

Like “pass the parcel”, but instead of wrapped parcel, pack bag in bag in bag (best if it’s Fashion-type bags).

You’ll need to find as many bags, rucksacks, drawstring bags, etc. as you’ve got children in the game. Put a price in the smallest bag, then put that bag and in a bigger bag and so one. As you play the game, each child unpacks a bag.

Silly Random Dress Up Game


This game is so much fun! First you have a bag full of random dress up items. Then you pick a player and blindfold them. They each take turns dressing up in random clothes and the player who looks the silliest (there will be a judge) wins the game.

Spa Fashion Activity

Have everyone sit in fancy chairs and have a few volunteers come and give them foot massages, manicures, and things of the sort.

Chocolate Eating Game

by Josie

You have one block of chocolate and every one rolls the dice and if you get a 6 you have to eat as much chocolate as you can before the next person who rolls a 6 takes over. the person whos make-up is the best after all the chocolate is gone wins!

Fashion Show Relay Activity

Put a chair at one end of the room. On the chair, put a scarf, mittens, hat, flip flops, socks and a disposable camera! Have the kids line up (in three lines and in pairs) about 3 meters away from the chair.

They have to run to the chair and one of them wears all the items, while the other dances. Then, the one who’s dancing picks up the camera and takes a photo of the other one. Then they take off the clothes and run back, giving the next people high fives as a signal to go.

* Everything has to be worn.
* The other player can’t stop dancing or help the person who has to put the clothes on.
* No starting before told to

That’s it!

Fashion Collage Party Game

by Lily

This is really a creative game. First you’ll need stencils of fashion clothes, stencils of tatoos etc. Then get a paper of size A3. You’ll need to be in groups because its kind of a competition. Appoint a judge and the winning team is the team with the most artistic collage.

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