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Coolest Knights Child Party Game Ideas

Here’s an awesome collection of Knights child party game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Knights birthday party. 

A Search for the Chalice

To make this treasure quest exciting, you’ll need many theme-related party favors (for example plastic swords or shields, gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins, miniature plastic horses, fake jewelry, wax seals printed on small pieces of paper, and any other regal items). Hide the treasures in many locations throughout the party area and with each item hide a clue about the location of another item. Send your knights and princesses off individually on their quest to find the chalice. When the chalice is found (a large coffee mug works well), reward all of the knights and princesses with a favor.

Slay the Dragon

Dragon Pinata Dragon Pinata - Child Party Game

Pinata’s are always lots of fun at birthday parties. For this activity you’ll need a Dragon pinata.

Every kid should get a chance to slay the dragon as they hit the piñata with a wooden sword.

Dragon Tag Child Party Game

For this game the kids need to form a line. Each kid then puts their hands on the hips of the person in front of them. The last person in line is the tail of the dragon and the first person in line is the head of the dragon. The point of the game is for the ‘dragon head’ to catch the ‘dragon tail’ without breaking the line.

Medieval Games

Knights are always up to games of skill! Divide kids into teams or pairs and give them royal family names such as Capulet, Montague, Spencer, etc.

Knight Activities - Child Party Game

There can be all kinds of games such as the 3-legged walk (where pairs race from start to finish with one partner’s left leg fastened to their partner’s right); a piggyback race (where one partner carries the other a certain distance, they switch, and then run back to the start); obstacle courses; racing while balancing an object without dropping it; dressing in a Knight costume and completing a feat (jumping rope, running a distance) before undressing and passing the clothes to the next player; ring the bottle, or in this case, the Chalice (arrange three or four empty bottles on the floor and provide the kids with three large plastic or cardboard rings, giving them three tries to ring one or more of the bottles).

The game of Coins on a Plate (where you set a plate on the floor and give each guest five or six pennies, then have them try to toss the penny onto the plate. If you use an old plate or a paper one, you can mark it like a dart board or an archery board, so that players can receive more points the closer they get to the bull’s eye); If you have a portable children’s basketball net (provide different kinds of soft balls in a variety of sizes, and let your guests try making baskets); lance accuracy game (you can make a lance out of a wrapping paper tube and have the kids throw it through a loop); slaying the dragon (purchase a dragon pinata); and many other Knight party game ideas you can make up yourself!

Gutsy Knights

See who’s got the guts to be a real knight. For this cool child party game, place about three pounds of cooked spaghetti in a deep large cauldron. Color it green with food coloring and make it slimy with olive oil. Drop inside colored gumballs and one eyeball gumball (with the wrapper on). The kids have to reach in the guts and pull out gumballs until they grab the eyeball gumball. You can also use peeled grapes instead of gumballs.

Knights of the Round Table

Knight Activities - Child Party Game

Have all the kids together around a party table for this fun child party game, or seat them on the floor in a circle. Make up creative messages about fearless fighting, horrible battles, fire-breathing dragons, etc.

Have the birthday kid think of a message and let them whisper it to the person next to them. The person receiving the message tells the next kid in the circle, and so on until the message reaches royalty (in this case, the king or queen which could be you or a friend), and the king or queen says the message out loud and the birthday kid tells everyone the original message.

Try again with a new player starting the message and continue until the kids are ready for a new activity.

Kiss the Princess

This can be a hilarious game to play with the boys. The kids put on red lipstick and are blindfolded and spun around, then they try to kiss a picture of a princess. Whoever is closest wins.

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