Coolest Medieval Knight Party Ideas

Coolest Medieval Knight Party Ideas

“Ritter Fest” or a medieval knight party was for my daughter Violette. And my son liked it so much he had the same theme the following year for his. They both say the medieval party was their favorite. Birthday parties for me are a BIG thing! In hindsight, I know this comes from growing up … Read more

Play Castle for Kids

My husband used 2 empty range boxes (your local appliance store will usually gladly give them to you!) to create the most realistic play castle for the kids.

Coolest Medieval Party With Photos, Games and Food Ideas

Finding the perfect birthday party theme for a particular child tends to be more art than science, but our Kingdom Festival for my five-year old son Davis turned out better than he would have ever dreamed. The thrills we receive as parents in seeing the beaming grin on our child’s face throughout the party and … Read more

Coolest Princess Birthday Party Ideas

I had this “Medieval-type” Princess party for my daughter Elizabeth’s first birthday because most of her child guests (cousins, brothers) were boys. I had all these princess birthday party ideas for girls but I figured the boys wouldn’t appreciate getting boas and tiaras so I incorporated the knight appeal into the party but left it … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Knights Theme Parties

Out of all of the theme parties, this year Joey chose a knight theme for his 9th birthday. So, there were 8 knights, 2 princesses, and a king. Invitations The invitations were printed on red paper with the edges burnt. It read as follows: “Hear Ye! Hear Ye! His Majesty wants to honor the bravest … Read more

Coolest Knights Child Party Game Ideas

Here’s an awesome collection of Knights child party game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Knights birthday party.  A Search for the Chalice To make this treasure quest exciting, you’ll need many theme-related party favors (for example plastic swords or shields, gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins, miniature plastic horses, fake jewelry, wax seals printed on small … Read more

Defend Your Honour Knight Game

This turned out to be the most fun for the boys. I made wooden medieval knight shields and the matching medieval knight swords fit through the back of the hand with elastic (on the front was pinned a balloon). They had to break the balloon with the sword. For safety, the medieval knight sword could … Read more

Medival Knight and Princess Relay

I made horses out of broomsticks and cardboard heads with a yarn mane. The medieval knight had to rescue his princess while doing certain tasks and riding his steed. First he had to take his long blow up sword and spear a hanging ring, then race on and then throw a ball into a net, … Read more

Collect the Taxes Medieval Game

We scattered gold-foiled chocolate coins (with tiny colored stickers) in the garden. The trick was that you had to collect only one of each color. I think there were 6 colors. Anyway they did not know one coin was specially wrapped in silver foil. That one was the team that won. In this case a … Read more

Medieval Knight Musical Swords

Same as musical chairs but the kids stand up and move in a circle around the pile of swords in the middle. I made the medieval knight swords out of cardboard and sprayed them the correct color and glued on some sequins.

Medieval Knight and Princess Bingo Game

Again a red and blue event. I made GIANT bingo cards one for each team and used clip art of medieval items on it. Each card had the same pictures just arranged in a different order. Then I had cards made with the same pictures and drew them out of a “crown” one by one. … Read more

Outdoor Castle Decorations

We made our “castle” by painting rocks on a long roll of the plastic tablecloth material. We made the top with rolls of different colored wide ribbon. My sister already had most of the decorations recalling medieval times like the canopy from her bedroom and the princess pop-up hamper we used for the trash can. … Read more

Coolest 9 Year Old Knight Birthday Party

My Son was turning 9 years old and really wanted to have a big birthday bash. We had around 15 kids total attending this party. We went with the royal knight party theme. I ordered online plastic swords, goblets for the king (my son), a king’s crown and robe. I sent out online invitations to … Read more

Prince and Princess’ Costume Accessory Ideas

We handmade all the princess and prince costumes (T-shirts) and each princess got a scepter and each prince got a sword (cut from thick paneling). We lined them all up (boy, girl) and rolled out the red carpet and had a royal introduction complete with trumpet, to the surprise of all the parents. They then … Read more

Coolest Castle Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Castle Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Castle Birthday party ideas and photos by: Wendy from Sacramento, CA For the Castle Birthday Party I made three particle board castle walls as you can see in the pictures. Each wall was made up of individual bricks of Styrofoam I cut to size (I used a paper stencil I made). The bricks were varying … Read more

Coolest Knight Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Knight Party Ideas and Photos

Knight party ideas and photos by: Caryn from Mackay, Australia We had a Knight birthday party for my son’s 9th birthday. On the invitations we wrote: “Calling all Knights & Wizards, a day of fun awaits you! Sir Troy is celebrating his 9th Birthday. Please join us at Spence Castle.” We had moved house a … Read more

Knight Party Decorations by Jenn

The decorations were amazing! We have a large “sunroom” which I decorated with plastic backdrops to look like the castle walls, windows and doors. All were ordered online. The walls were covered with cardboard cut outs of the king, queen and knights with shields. From the ceiling hung blue and gold dangling stars from Wal-Mart, … Read more

Knight Party Costume Ideas by Jenn

The kids were asked on the invitations to come dressed up as their favorite knight, princess, queen, servant, etc. Some showed up as dragons, and others showed up as knights. The only two girls who came did not dress up. My son, the birthday boy was dressed up in plastic knights armor (dollar store), a … Read more

Knight Party Games by Jenn

While waiting for all the guests to arrive, the kids had a sword fight using a few swords we had around the house and even sticks. When all the guests arrived, we began a series of tests to see how worthy these kids would be as knights. The first test was the leadership test. They … Read more

Medieval Party Invitation Idea

“Once upon a birthday, there was a noble child named Lady Violette Janauan Vereecken who became a fanciful five year old. A knightly celebration was declared on Saturday July 20 for the entire enchanted kingdom making merry from 14.00 to 18.00”. The Town Crier and the Jester (my husband and my son) delivered the invitations … Read more

Medieval Costume Party Accessories

I am a seamstress by trade, so every person that was a helper was given a tunic to wear. 2 men who organized the games, and the magician, and the cook, wore black tunics appliquéd with silver crowns, the 2 women wore yellow tunics appliquéd with gold crowns and colored jewels. All the children wore … Read more

Medieval Photo Favor Idea

After all the kids were dressed in medieval attire, they went to the photograph area and had a Polaroid picture taken with the Princess and the jester, amid the life size medieval knight cut outs and decor and then to the tent table to make the frame. I had already cut and stenciled the fleur-de-lys … Read more

Medieval Games and Activities

2.30 pm: Speech and welcome by the king. The king gave an explanation of the medieval knight games and teams for the medieval knight competitions. Large board at the throne hung and names added to either blue or red side. Knights chose their princess partner! After each medieval knight game the winner was declared and … Read more