Tag: Age: 5-7

In this birthday parties for kids section, we’ve included all of our party themes suitable for the 5-7 age group. At these lovely ages kids start understanding how important and special birthdays can be. Depending on your child, they might even become more excited from planning the party than the event itself (it’s a good idea to have them involved in the planning, let them help create invitations and decorations, and choose their theme and games for their party).

Five-year-olds usually enjoy dramatic play and make-believe games, so it’s usually a good idea to have props around to let them make believe things that may fit the chosen party theme (scenes from Harry Potter, a pizza parlor, princess/tea party, knights at the round table, etc.).

Five-year-olds can start playing organized games, although some may have trouble taking turns, so it’s best to also have short games and group activities (like Hokey Pokey, Simon Says, Musical Chairs, Hot Potato, etc.).