Coolest Medieval Knight Party Ideas

Coolest Medieval Knight Party Ideas

“Ritter Fest” or a medieval knight party was for my daughter Violette. And my son liked it so much he had the same theme the following year for his. They both say the medieval party was their favorite. Birthday parties for me are a BIG thing! In hindsight, I know this comes from growing up … Read more

Coolest Girls Slumber Party Ideas

Invitations For my daughter’s 6th birthday party on July 3rd 2005 we had a girls slumber party. She invited 7 friends to sleep under the stars at Camp Jade. The invitations were blue cardstock which read “Jade is turning six years old. Please come celebrate with slumber party games under the stars at Camp Jade”. … Read more

Coolest Mario Birthday Party Ideas

Since both my middle and youngest sons’ birthdays are in May and they shared the same Mario obsession we decided to have a Mario birthday party for both of them together. Mario Birthday Party Invitations Ben (turning 7) wanted to help make his invitation.  Step by step we made the Mario party invitation together using … Read more

Coolest Medieval Party With Photos, Games and Food Ideas

Finding the perfect birthday party theme for a particular child tends to be more art than science, but our Kingdom Festival for my five-year old son Davis turned out better than he would have ever dreamed. The thrills we receive as parents in seeing the beaming grin on our child’s face throughout the party and … Read more

Coolest Medieval Times Party Ideas

For our daughters 5th birthday she wanted a princess-like party so she could wear her Belle dress. My sister and I spent months on our planning her medieval times party but it was all worth it to see all the smiles on their faces! Hear Ye Hear Ye Princess Invitations We printed the invitations and … Read more

Coolest Pirate Party Theme Ideas

Out of all the many party theme ideas to choose from, we decided to have a pirate party for my son Dylan’s 6th birthday. Invitations We used recycled water bottles to hold the invitations we made. The invitations were made using my computer (I used Old English Text font for the invite but I did … Read more

Coolest Pirate Party Ideas

For my sons 6th birthday we had a Pirate Party. For party decorations I had black plates and napkins, lots of Halloween skeleton stuff (his birthday is in November so I got deals on it). I got these cups with skeletons on them (which the kids got to take home). I made the hats with … Read more

Coolest Pirate Birthday Ideas

Here’s Ryan’s Pirate Birthday Party (5 years old )! Let me first say, I got a great deal of my ideas from this website. Thanks! Our pirate invitation was a map, with the edges burned and rolled up and placed inside of a plastic Coke bottle. On the outside of the bottle, I stuck a … Read more

Coolest Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Here’s my son’s 7th birthday party. Enjoy our pirate birthday party ideas for your next party! Invitations For the invitations I soaked paper in coffee, dried them in the microwave, printed out the info onto the dry paper, burned the edges then painted cooking oil on them and let them dry. The end result looked … Read more

Coolest Pirate of the Caribbean Party Ideas

For my son, Joshua’s sixth birthday he had a Pirate party that was inspired by Pirate of the Caribbean. We had his birthday at a park beside the beach so I could do a treasure hunt and have the kids dig for treasure in the sand. Costumes For the Pirate of the Caribbean costumes I … Read more

Coolest Kids Pirate Party Ideas

pirate party

My Daughter Allyn really wanted a Pirate party so the boys could attend and play too. (Last year we did Cinderella’s Tea Party.) In the photo below she’s wearing a purple bandanna front and center. Bottom line is that THIS SITE gave me everything I needed, with a little embellishment and personal touch, to have … Read more

Coolest Pirates Birthday Party Ideas

My son’s birthday is in the summer so he already had some ideas about what he wanted to do (water gun fight, pool and slip and slide). I wanted a theme that would tie in to all of that and give the kids something to do besides just swimming. A pirates birthday seemed to be … Read more

Coolest Pirate Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Ahoy Mateys! The invitations for the Pirate theme birthday were one of the coolest parts. I printed a picture of a treasure chest then printed my wording on a scroll. I couldn’t use a real scroll because the kids got them at school and they have a folder to bring their things home in. It … Read more

Coolest Pirate Theme Party Ideas

For my son’s 5th birthday party Brandon decided he wanted to have a pirate theme party. Being that Pirates of the Caribbean is his favorite movie, he dressed up like Captain Jack Sparrow. We found the accessories at Wal-Mart. He wore black pants from another pirate costume he had and a white tee shirt. The … Read more

Coolest Pirate Treasure Party Ideas

For my son Jacob’s 7th birthday we decided to have a pirate treasure party. Ahoy Matey! Invitations We started with pirate invitations made on the computer on a scroll that read- “Ahoy Matey, you are hereby invited to walk the gangplank; Captain Morgan will be in harbor from (time) on (date) in search of a … Read more

Coolest Pirate Treasure Hunt Party Ideas

Pirate Treasure Hunt party ideas and photos by: Janine This Treasure Hunt is taken from Janine’s Pirate Birthday Party Tale For the treasure hunt I used colors for the clues. The first one was a RED CLUE: “If you want to find the long lost treasure, follow the clues with fun and pleasure. Use the … Read more

Coolest Pokemon Party Ideas

ratatouille birthday

For my son’s 7th birthday party he decided on a Pokemon party. Invitations For the invitation I used scrap booking tools and paper to create a very large pokeball invite. This is very easy to do if you have circle cutters. First I took a 12 x 12 piece of red scrapbook paper and folded … Read more

Coolest Princess Party Ideas

My daughter Emma had a princess birthday party for her 6th birthday. Here are the princess party ideas we came up with to make her party extra special for her! Princess Party Ideas for Invitations Two layers of cardstock: the text was printed out on the bottom layer which is the long skinny tower – … Read more

Coolest Ratatouille Birthday Party Ideas

ratatouille birthday

My daughter was turning 5 and since she loves to help me cook, she naturally loved the movie, Ratatouille. We chose to have a Ratatouille birthday party theme. The invitations I did on the computer and instead of asking them to RSVP I asked the “reservations be made” by a certain date. On our front … Read more

Coolest Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas

The invitations for The Scooby Doo birthday party were bought from a local party store. However, on the inside I wrote: “Come help us solve the mystery of the missing Scooby snacks!” The decorations were 70’s flower power cut outs (can be purchased at the party store), printed pictures of the gang from the web, … Read more

Coolest Under the Sea Animal Party Ideas

For my daughters 5th b-day we had an Under the Sea animal party. Decorations For Under the Sea decorations I put my daughters head in a mermaid picture, cut it out and put in the center of the tent (it was outside) and all around the tent were her fishy friends that came. I used … Read more

Coolest Shark Party Ideas

Zaden had a great shark party for his 5th birthday celebration. I made the invitations using a shark photo I found on the internet. I printed out the 4 inch square shark pictures on cardstock then pasted them to a 6 inch square card. On the outside it read “Splish! Splash! It’s a birthday bash!” … Read more

Coolest Snowman Party Ideas

construction theme party

Snowman party ideas and photos by: Rikelle from Chandler, AZ We live in Arizona and don’t get any snow. My daughter wanted to build a snowman so we thought a snowman party without the snow would be fun. This would also work great for a Christmas in July party. We did this for my daughters … Read more

Coolest Spongebob Party Ideas

construction theme party

For my niece’s 5th birthday we did a SpongeBob party. Her birthday is in September so it was a nice day to have it outside. Party Decorations We decorated the back yard like Bikini bottom, with streamers and balloons, we had a small pool for kids to play in with water and balls (the small … Read more