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Coolest Medieval Times Party Ideas

For our daughters 5th birthday she wanted a princess-like party so she could wear her Belle dress. My sister and I spent months on our planning her medieval times party but it was all worth it to see all the smiles on their faces!

Hear Ye Hear Ye Princess Invitations

We printed the invitations and envelopes announcing the Royal Ball and put in some glitter.

The text on the invitations was: “Hear Ye Here Ye!! Princess Mary is invited to the Royal Ball at the House of Morgan in Folkville, Alabama to honor Her Majesty. Princess Kaylee in the celebration of the 5th anniversary of her birth. This event will take place on October 9, 2004 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We hope to have all the Princes and Princesses in the land to join us for a magical time as we play games from each of the princess’ stories. After a feast o cake, ice cream and snacks there will be more surprises as the Royal Dance begins… Please RSVP by October 1, 2004. Yours, Prince Charles and Lady Di”

The invitations were written in a very elegant font.

Outdoor Castle Decorations

Diane's Medieval Times Princess Party Tale

We made our “castle” by painting rocks on a long roll of the plastic tablecloth material. We made the top with rolls of different colored wide ribbon.

My sister already had most of the decorations recalling medieval times like the canopy from her bedroom and the princess pop-up hamper we used for the trash can. So we didn’t spend a lot of money for the decorations. We got a lot of ideas from this site and others and used our printer a lot!

We had it set up so that as they came through the medieval times gate the guest couldn’t see the inside of the castle and all the surprises. The parents got to go in and the little ones were brought into the house to get ready.

Prince and Princess’ Costume Accessories

We handmade all the princess and prince costumes (T-shirts) and each princess got a scepter and each prince got a sword (cut from thick paneling).

We lined them all up (boy, girl) and rolled out the red carpet and had a royal introduction complete with trumpet, to the surprise of all the parents.

Diane's Medieval Times Princess Party Tale


They then had their pictures taken in front of the medieval times cottage.

Diane's Medieval Times Princess Party Tale

Diane's Medieval Times Princess Party Tale

Craft Table

Then it was on to the craft table where we had treasure boxes with their names on them. They decorated them with stickers, gold coins and gemstones.

Diane's Medieval Times Princess Party Tale

My sister filled them with treasures and took them to the exit gate (princess fruit snacks, chocolate coins, fairy dust, and small bubbles, we made labels that had the party information on them, lip gloss and jewelry for the girls and dragon bookmarks and cars for the boys.)

Then we had a witch turn one boy into a beast since my daughter was Belle.

Medieval Times Party Games

After that our Fairy Godmother took them all to play games that would recall medieval times.

Cinderella’s who has the slipper… One person turns their back and the others pass the slipper, then the one in the middle has to guess who has it.

Jasmines pin the flame on the dragon / kiss the frog with lipstick or stick on lips; the closest one on each got a prize.

Belles pass the teapot… played like musical chairs, whoever has the teapot when the music stops got candy from the teapot and was out, the last person got a prize.

Snow Whites’ apple bobbing.

Sleeping Beauty’s dragon egg hunt, one person dressed like a dragon chased the others while they hunted plastic eggs, they got to “slay the dragon” by pulling off the flag from his back.


Then it was time for cake and food. We got the sheet cake from Wal-Mart; the medieval times castle cake kit came from the bakery (it’s called Disney Princess Signature Cake Series – you can also find it online).

Diane's Medieval Times Princess Party Tale

We had ice cream, chips, meat and cheese trays, a veggie tray, and my niece made Cinderella coaches for the dip out of small pumpkins and cucumbers for the wheels.

We had sugar-free lemonade and punch and we made ice cubes from each juice and put grapes and cherries inside. Also, we had goblets for each child and wrote their name like Princess Kyndal and Prince Alex on them in pink and blue and they got to take them home.

Diane's Medieval Times Princess Party Tale

More Games

After eating we had the Ariel sand dig where they could find gold coins, gemstones, etc.

Diane's Medieval Times Princess Party Tale

Then we had the medieval times pinatas, we had a princess pull string and a horse they could hit at. We put a plastic tablecloth underneath to catch the candy.

Diane's Medieval Times Princess Party Tale

The Royal Ball

We ran out of time before some of the guest had to leave because of a delay in the beginning, but we had planned to begin the Royal Ball where the beast would ask Belle to dance and everyone join in, then the beast unmasked and returned to the prince as all the balloons fell around them! (Our airplane man had to cancel on us, but we hung a bag of balloons from our castle top).

After that the gifts were opened. As everyone left we gave them their medieval times treasure boxes and all the thank-yous for my helpers.

Also, my daughter gave each mom a pink carnation to thank them for bringing their children.


Diane's Medieval Times Princess Party Tale

I’m sure I have forgotten something, it was a busy day and as I said it was a lot of planning and work but it was worth every minute of it! She will only turn 5 once!

Medieval Times party ideas and photos by: Diane from Falkville, AL