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Coolest 8th Birthday Lego Theme Party

My son wanted an all out LEGO Party for his 8th birthday and then said he wanted a cake like the Cake Boss from the TLC show. I knew there was no way I could make his kind of cake, those are some big shoes to fill, but I did the best I could by making this Homemade Lego Birthday Cake using colored fondant.

I made 2 sheet cakes and put them in the freezer over night. I enlarged and printed the LEGO logo and then cut out each layer of it using card stock paper to use as the templates. The next day I iced the cake with regular icing. I used red fondant for the first layer measured and cut 12X9 red fondant and laid it on the cake,then rolled out the yellow, traced the template with a fondant cutting tool or just a sharp knife, then the black template and onto each letter. The LEGO blocks and little men are chocolate candy from candy molds that I ordered online from Amazon.

I did everything LEGO, I made the invitation using Lego pictures from all the different LEGO themes and also added in the invite to bring their own custom creation made out of LEGOs. As the boys came in our home I had a table waiting for their creations and once everyone arrived each child was able to tell about their LEGO creation that they brought from home.

Lego Theme Party Games

Then I had about 4 other games and a few tucked aside in case one of them did not go off so well. I bought a LEGO for each child to work on and then take home. The one I bought was about $5. Atlantis jet ski guy.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

I had each child get a partner, one child was blindfolded while the other one explained how he was to put it together. It was great teamwork.

My next game was a relay using 10 LEGO pieces and building them.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

I had 3 groups, they had to run to the stack of LEGOs, build it, hold it in the air, then take it apart, run bag and tag their teammate.

Another game I planned involved a pile of LEGOs and chopsticks. I put a bunch of LEGOs in the center and the boys all sat in a circle. They had one minute to pick up as many LEGO’s as they could. We did this a few times and added a minute. It was fun to see who knew how to use chopsticks!

The last game the boys played was one that I got the idea from at a baby shower. I put about 10-12 different LEGOs on a cookie sheet and covered it up. For example, LEGO Star Wars character, a LEGO window, LEGO motorcycle, LEGO ladder, LEGO cup, etc. Then I gave each child a little notepad and pencil. They numbered it to 12. I took off the cover and gave them around 2-3 minutes to look at it. Then I covered it back up and told them to write as many things as they remember seeing. The person with the most correct answers won. Some of them remember more than me and I put it together!

We did not have time for it but I also created a little scavenger hunt around the house with clues to where LEGO pieces were and the pair that found the most won.

We took a break after the relay game to have cake and ice cream and then finished with the last 2 games and moved on to opening presents which is always the best part. The boys did a great job on all the games and my son thought it was the best party ever!

Coolest Kid Birthday Party