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Classic Birthday Party Games

Birthday Guessing Game

by Olivia B.
(Tunnel Hill, GA)

Using the party theme, select items to put in a jar and let the kids guess how many are in the jar. The closest guess wins. For instance, for a Pirate party you can call it “Guess the gold coins in the chest”, for a Princess party call it “Guess the pearls in the jewel box”, etc.

Fruit Basket Upset Game

For this game you will need enough chairs for each player minus one. So everyone will sit in a circle and one person will be left standing. Place chairs in a circle with at least three feet from the person standing in the middle. Each player is given a fruit name. Example: banana, apple, grape, banana , apple, grape… There should be several people who are given the same fruit. The person in the middle has the freedom to call out a fruit that has been assigned to the group or to call “Fruit Basket Upset.” If the player in the middle calls out a fruit, those who have that fruit name have to get out of their seat and find a new seat. They cannot sit back down in their own seat. The person in the middle races to find a seat and a new person is left standing in the middle. If the person in the middle says, fruit basket upset, then everyone gets up and tries to find a new seat. The object of the game is to get a new seat and not be the person left standing. Kids love this game. To avoid having kids purposely trying to be the last one standing, tell them that if they get left in the middle more than three times, they are out of the game. It’s a good idea to instruct that no one pushes down anyone who may be smaller. They have to be careful! Have fun!

First One There – Child Game

by Charlie

First the person who is organizing the game needs to draw/print a picture of sun, moon, lightning, and rain each on its own very large paper. You then stick them on each corner of the room. You have everyone gather up in the middle of the room and than you yell out one of the four corners (sun, moon, lightning, or rain).
The players must run to the picture you say. The last one to the picture is out.

Pop Those Balloons Game

by Kristy L.
(Billerica, MA, USA)

This is a great game for all ages. I’m 13 and I still love to play it! For this game you will need balloons and money or prizes. Blow up the balloons and place money or prizes inside (make sure the balloons are dark and the prizes are lightweight so the kids cannot tell whats inside).

Have all the kids sit in a circle with the balloons in the center. Before you begin, tell each child how many balloons they can pop. Have them start out with one. Count to three, and on three have them pop there balloon. Whatever is inside they get to keep (the children may trade items).


by Brian
(Attleboro, MA USA)

For this game you need a divider or something that you can see over but not under.

First, you take a tray full of items that WILL NOT BREAK IF DROPPED! (This is important. A few examples: a pencil, a book, a pillow, a spoon, etc.). You give each kid a piece of paper and something to write with. Put a piece of paper in the middle of where they are sitting with a list of the items on the tray at random.

Now, on the other side of divider (table or whatever) take each item and drop them one by one. After you drop one give each kid time to write down what they think it is. Tell them if they know what it is not to tell anyone. After they’ve all written what they think it is, drop the next one. Then drop the next one and so on…

The kid who gets the most right, wins!

Pop The Balloons

by Milissa Hill

Balloons are taped onto a big board or on the wall. The contestant has a certain amount of darts or arrows. With their darts/arrows they have to pop as many balloons. Once they run out of their darts/arrows, their score is calculated by the amount of balloons they’ve popped. For a low score give a small prize, for a medium score – a medium prize, etc.

Singing Like A Pro

by Divya

Choose a song like Hannah Montana – Best Of Both Worlds and sing the chorus, you have to try and sing it normal and backwards.

Pop And Blow Bubble Gum Game

by Vicky Piggin
(New Zealand)

This game is great for older children, who aren’t really into pass the parcel and other games for younger children.
Blow up a large number of balloons with a small piece of bubble gum inside each one. The children have to pop as many balloons as they can, by sitting on them. They collect the bubble gum inside. Once all the balloons are popped, the children use their bubble gum to have a bubble blowing competition. The person who collected the most bubble gum will of course have an advantage. The largest bubble (gum) bubble wins the prize!

The Three-Legged Classic Party Race

Make two teams, each team is made up of two people… Tie one person’s right leg to the other person’s left leg (using a soft rope or ripped up cloth).

Have the two teams race to the finish line and back to the starting line. The first team one who gets back first wins.

Four Corners Party Game

by Sarah

To play this game you will need to be in a room with 4 corners and it is also best played with 10 or more people. Start off by picking a guesser. Then everyone has to spread out to a corner of their choice.

Once everyone is in a corner the guesser will then say corner 1,2,3, or 4. Anyone who is in the corner the guesser had picked is out. This keeps on going throughout the game till there are 4 people left.

Once there are only 4 people left then there can only be one person in a corner. The final person gets to be the guesser and/or gets a piece of candy.

Pin The Hat On the Birthday Kid Party Game

by Nikki
(Bristol, Wisconsin, U.S.A)

What you do is you take a picture of the birthday girl/boy and you need to have a picture of a party hat. Everyone takes a turn, is blindfolded, and has to try and put the hat on the birthday girl/boy.

How Many Pages Are In This Book?

by Fm Lyons
(Los Angeles, CA)

Take a harlequin novel or something similar, paperback novel. Ask home many pages are in the book. The one to guess the right answer (or the closest answer), wins.

Similiar to how many jelly beans are in the jar.

Macaroni Party Game

by Jennifer Stallworth
(Columbus, Ohio)

Take lots of plain elbow macaroni noodles (uncooked) and disperse them openly onto a table top (where all the children will surround). Every child gets a pair of chopsticks and a papercup. The object of the game is to get as many of the noodles into the cup using the chopsticks. At the end of five minutes (can be less), the child who has the most macaroni noodles, wins.

Donut Eating Competition

by Sandra

Each kid has a donut in a bowl.
Everyone has their hands behind their back (you can tie there hands together behind their back).
When the adult says “go”, all of the kids have to
start eating their donut while their hands are
behind their back. The winner is the person who finishes their donut without using the hands.

Another option is to hang each donut from the ceiling using string, it makes it harder.

Lollies and Chopsticks

by Rebecca Xox
(Australia )

You’ll need chopsticks, a bowl, lollies, dice.

Pour the lollies in the bowl.

All you have to do is sit in a circle and roll the dice. if you get a 6, try and pick up as many lollies as you can with the chopsticks. If another person rolls a 6, then you have to stop and they get a turn.

Its really fun! If you get any lollies you can eat them!

The Chocolate Party Game

by Abby
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Everyone sits in a circle and there is a block of chocolate in the middle, a knife, fork and one dice. You also pick some dress-ups (example: gloves, fairy wings, scarf etc… It can also be something that has to do with the party theme your child has chosen).

Everyone takes turns at rolling the dice and if someone rolls a six they put on the dress-ups, go into the middle of the circle, cut 1 square of chocolate at a time and then eats it… meanwhile everyone else is still rolling the dice to try and get a six. As soon as someone else rolls a six, the person in the middle takes off the dress-ups and the person that rolled a six puts them on and so on.

Newspaper Dance Indoor Party Game

by Syasya Amirah

The players will be paired up. Each pair gets one newspaper. There will be music playing and each pair has to dance on the newspaper. When the music stops the pair will stop dancing and fold the newspaper once. This routine is repeated until the pair can’t dance together – then one of the players from the pair will need to be carried by the other player (piggyback or any other way). If one of the players from one pair falls off the newspaper, they will stop playing while the rest keep on playing. The last pair to still be on the newspaper dancing is the winning pair!

Hope u enjoy this game :D

Bean Bag Toss Party Game

Kids beanbag toss

Step 1: Set up a wooden or plastic target with a hole in it (a hole bigger than a bean-bag). Lean it on a wall or using a support so that when a bean-bag is tossed it can be thrown into the hole.

Step 2: Have each player stand at least 4 feet away from the target.

Step 3: Take turns pitching 3 beanbags at the target. The one who gets the most beanbags in wins the game.

Food Guessing Classic Party Game

by Nickee
(Oklahoma City, OK, US)

All the kids are on one side of the room and one person is in the middle. The person thinks of a FOOD ONLY. They then give a clue and the others try to guess. If one gets it correct then all of them run across and the person in the middle tries to catch one.

Like tag, except when one is caught they are in the middle!

Paper Dance Classic Party Game

by Falguni B.

It’s simple, there are 3 levels in this game. In the 1st level you need to take a normal newspaper and put on the floor. Then make pairs of the children and tell them to dance on it. If even the toe gets out of the newspaper area then the pair is out.

Then the next level – you need to cut the paper in half and again tell them to dance with the same rules and if then also their is a tie between any of the pairs then you can draw even slimmer borders on the paper and now I’m sure that there will be only one winner.

Blindfold Guess Classic Party Game

by Cynthia
(Kuala Lumpur)

Blindfold each kid, then put something in a bowl or a tub, ask them to guess what’s in the bowl using their sense of touch. It starts to get funny when you put things like cooked macaroni or a tomato.

Chubby Bunny Party Game

by Sades

** NOTE: this game is for older kids!! **

You will need:


You will insert one marshmallow in a kid’s mouth and they then need to say “Chubby Bunny”. Then you add another and they say “Chubby Bunny” gain. This goes on until they can’t say ‘chubby bunny’ – and that’s when they are out. Whoever can hold the most marshmallows in their mouth and say “Chubby Bunny” is the winner!

o NO CHEWING or swallowing
o Have fun!!

Clap at 7 Fun Party Game

by Chinmay

The following game is pretty confusing, but a lot of fun!

You have to just start saying numbers one after the other “1 2 3 4….” but after 6 you have to clap, you can’t say the word “7”. You have to clap on numbers in the table of 7 – for example 7, 14, 21, 28, 35… as well as numbers like 7, 17, 27, 37 which have the number 7 at the end of them.

The person who counts the highest without making any mistakes wins!

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