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Oscar the Grouch Cake Picture
Oscar the Grouch 01
Elmo Cake Picture
Elmo 01
Cookie Monster Cake Picture
Cookie Monster01


Oscar the Grouch cake submitted by:

Lara R.
Winnipeg, MB. Canada

Oscar the Grouch Cake Picture

This cake began as small rounds. I stacked 3 of them for the can. Then I cut the 4th in half and placed them back to back on the top of the can. I used a grass pull tip to make Oscar's hair and a 5 for the rest of the decorations. I made the can gray around the outside and black on the top.

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Elmo cake idea submitted by:

Cheryl S.
North Royalton, Ohio

Elmo Cake Picture

My daughter talks about Elmo non-stop, so naturally her cake was Elmo. I used the Elmo Cake Pan icon. I found out that if you make the red frosting 3 days in advance (with the no-taste tulip red), it will get redder over time instead of just dark pink.

I liked giving Elmo the fuzzy look by just frosting him with a spatula instead of using any decorating tips. Also, it is definitely easier to make black frosting when you start with another color frosting as the base instead of white.

Here's another Elmo cake idea submitted by: Linda Landriault from Mississauga, ON - using the same pan, but this time WITH decorating tips...

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Elmo Cake Picture

Cookie Monster cake idea submitted by:

Dawn G.
Buffalo Grove, IL

Cookie Monster Cake Picture

I made this cake for my son's first Birthday. His first word was Cookie, for Cookie Monster.

I had a very hard time finding this cake pan, since it was a Wilton Cake from the early 70's. After many online searches I found the pan.

It was not a hard cake to make, but I did need to learn how to use the frosting tip to make hair. This was the first character cake that I ever made.

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