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Dog birthday cake photo and preparation tips submitted by:

Traci C.
Richmond Hill, GA

Dog Birthday Cake Picture

This dog birthday cake is great for a Puppy Party OR Firefighter Theme!

For my son's 1st birthday we hosted a Puppy Party and made a Dalmatian cake. It is so simple but oh, so cute!


1. Cook two 9" round cakes and as many additional cupcakes as you need.
2. Cool. Stack the two cakes on your serving platter. (We used a round, red plastic tray we found at a dollar store.)
3. Add two cupcakes at the bottom of the cakes to create "puppy paws."
4. Ice both cakes and all cupcakes white.
5. Decorate the dog birthday cake!
EYES = Necco Wafers and M&Ms
EARS & JOWLS = Black string licorice
NOSE & SPOTS = Brown M&Ms
COLLAR & TONGUE = Red "Fruit by the Foot"
DOG TAG = Necco wafer
6. Decorate cupcakes! Place three brown M&Ms on each cupcake to create a puppy paw!

This is such a great dog birthday cake and a super "beginner's" decorating idea.

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Dog birthday cake photo and preparation tips submitted by:

Tracye D.
Buda, TX

Dog Birthday Cake Picture

For my son's third birthday, we decided to do a Clifford theme as he loves the books and had started watching the show on PBS. Because there was no "Clifford" cake pan, we decided to make a dog house cake.

Because Spencer (the birthday boy) is also a real strawberry lover, I decided to make my favorite cake called "Strawberries N Cream Cake". To make this dog birthday cake, I baked 2 house cakes (used the Wilton 3D dog house cake pan twice) using a yellow cake mix with double pudding in the mix (makes it stand up better if you use pound cake or pudding in the mix cake) and put a layer of fresh strawberries in between the cakes as I stood them together.

I then poked some cookie treat sticks (you could also use wooden dowels) into it at a diagonal to help hold the house together and then frosted it with a whipped cream cheese frosting that I made from scratch (recipe at the bottom).

I sliced more fresh strawberries to lay on the roof to look like shingles. I used black frosting to create the dog door opening to the house and a dog bone sticker that I wrote Clifford on and stuck on wax paper to lay on the front of the house.

Because we had many people at this party (14 big kids plus their infant siblings and moms), I also baked a Texas chocolate sheath cake to create the bottom layer (grassy field). I added coconut flakes tinted with green food coloring to create the grassy look.

This was a very big hit with both adults and children because there was a choice of cake flavors and both cakes tasted wonderful. I found the Clifford figure blowing out a candle on a small birthday cake at my local cake decorating store.

It was the most fun and this dog birthday cake is by far the coolest cake I've ever made!

Hope you like this idea...the frosting recipe follows:

Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting 2 packages (3oz each), cream cheese 2 Tb., milk 4 cups chilled, whipping cream 1 & 1/3 cups, powdered sugar. Beat cream cheese and milk in chilled bowl on low speed until smooth; beat in whipping cream and powdered sugar. Beat on high speed, scraping bowl occasionally, until stiff peaks form.

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Dog Birthday Cake Picture

Dog birthday cake photo and preparation tips submitted by:

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Dog Birthday Cake Picture

This dog birthday cake was for the recent birthdays of my daughter, Kimberly (10) and her church friends, Anselm (10) and Dawn (8). I made this a dog birthday cake as all 3 of them love dogs. This was fun as I got to choose the dog breed to resemble each of fact, all 3 pups love their respective figure. Anselm and Dawn (they are siblings)'s dad said his children were grinning non-stop. I sliced off the figures for them to bring home. That really made their day.

The pups are made of fondant in bas relief style. I Googled for nice doggie pictures and freestyled the doggies on the fondant-covered cake, building it a little at a time to add dimension. After leaving the figures to dry for a while, I painted on them. Oh, the board is also fondant "mud" with footprints made with a ball tool.

Seeing the look on the kids really make cake-decorating a very rewarding art.

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Dog Birthday Cake Picture

Dog birthday cake photo and preparation tips submitted by:

Beth W.
Ft. Benning, GA

Dog Birthday Cake Picture

I made this dog birthday cake for my daughter Georgia's first birthday party!! She wanted a cake to look like our Dalmatian Dixie. It is actually a 3-tiered cake. The bottom base is double layer chocolate cake that I made in large round pans. I covered it with white butter cream icing and cut out circles out of black-tinted fondant icing to look like paw prints. I also made red streamers for the bottom border by cutting red fondant into thin strips and curling them around a dowel rod and letting them dry into curly shapes.

The second tier looks like a red dog bowl. It is actually a double layer white chocolate cake, covered in red fondant icing, and filled with "Cocoa Puffs" cereal to resemble dog kibble! The top of the cake is the Dalmatian.... a pound cake baked in a 3-D Winnie the Pooh cake pan. I cut off the ears on the cake and used butter cream icing to "sculpt" the Dalmatian. The ears and spots are black fondant icing.

We celebrated Georgia 's birthday on the 4th of July, so we bought a couple of "Sparklers" at the Fireworks shack and turned off the lights....we stuck the sparklers in the cake and it was quite the show when we brought in the cake!! Lots of "Ooohs" and "Aaaahhhs"!!

Every one year old needs a "Smash Me" cake...So we took the Dalmatian off the cake and gave it to Georgia in her high chair to smash! The rest of the party guests enjoyed either the chocolate or white chocolate cakes.

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Bone-Shaped Dog Birthday Cake: This recipe will make two bone-shaped cakes. You will need one 9 inch by 13 inch cake, and 8 large cupcakes (or bakery oversized muffins). After the cake has cooled down, cut it in half lengthwise. To each of the long rectangles that come out add two cupcakes to each end. Then frost the whole thing using vanilla frosting.

Paw Print Dog Birthday Cake: Make a round cake. For the dog-toes use four large cupcakes or muffins around the bottom part of the round cake. Then frost with chocolate frosting.

Another idea is to simply bake a scrumptious cake in a large metal dog dish. Then frost it and by using a large circular (clean) object create an indent of a footprint in the frosting. Then use a smaller circular object to create the indentation of the dog-toes.

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