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Azusa, CA

Volcano Cake

For my son's 7th birthday he decided on a Jurassic/Dinosaur party. We invited a lot of guests and therefore I knew baking a single volcano cake would not be enough.

So, I bought a sheet cake already frosted. I baked two cakes, one in a Bundt pan and another in a glass bowl. I stacked the cakes one on the other and both on top of the store-bought to form volcano. I then frosted the cakes with chocolate icing.

Around the volcano I placed toy dinosaurs and palm trees.

Since, his birthday falls in April, I had some left over speckled candy Easter eggs and I made a nest with some crushed chocolate cookies for the dinosaur eggs to lie in. I took some strawberry icing and tinted it with liquid red food coloring, thus, making the icing runny enough to drip down the sides of the cake. I also used red licorice and black candles for the illusion of shooting lava and sprinkled more cookie crumbs all over the finished cake.

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