Coolest Kid Birthday Parties

Yummy Party Food! French Flies, Pirate Teeth, Toad-Slaw

With just a bit of creativity, even the simplest party food can be magically transformed into the most exciting delicacies.

And all you have to do is change the name to fit your party theme and put a decorated sign beside the plate.

For example. At a Pirate theme, grapes become "cannon balls" and kernels of corn turn into "pirate teeth". For an Army theme, the same corn (this time on the cob) becomes a bright yellow "grenade" and red licorice is "dynamite". How about serving "French flies" and "Toad-slaw" at a Safari party? And at a Superhero party sliced carrots are instantly transformed into "Super Power Sticks for X-Ray vision".

The kids will "buy into" your creative food (even if it's healthy) if you just "market" it with a bit of pizzazz.

In every theme on the site there's a party food section where you'll find lots of creative names for regular foods. The options are endless. Something fun you can do, is spend a few moments with your kids before the party and come up with some of the coolest food names of your own.