Coolest Kids Hunting Birthday Party Ideas

Coolest Kids Hunting Birthday Party Ideas

When my grandson Cruz was turning 4 years old, he told us he wanted to have a “hunting” birthday party. At first, we were puzzled how to accomplish a hunting party for a child. We decided to go whimsical and also incorporate a little education in the process. For the invitations, my daughter took Cruz’s … Read more

Hunting Theme Party Decorating Ideas

The park we were at had a shelter and picnic tables we could use. Orange, green and brown were the main colors we used in the decorations. Table covers in orange and green, balloons, miniature toy animals and battery powered lanterns created a bright place to eat the grilled hot dogs that we served with … Read more

Hunting Theme Games and Activities

We set up an archery target, a tub of water for fishing and the “ranger’s” area for hunting and animal education. Activities included “Hunting Safety Class” conducted by Uncle Chad the “ranger,” who demonstrated animal calls and taught the children about gun safety. He showed them deer antlers and a deer skull he had found … Read more