Coolest Airplane Birthday Party

Airplane Party Ideas

We are about to take off with the coolest airplane birthday party ideas, so please stow your luggage, buckle your seat belts and sit back for a really cool ride! You’ll find many of the coolest ideas for an airplane birthday party right here on this page, so get your scrolling finger ready and start … Read more

Coolest Airplane Party Game Ideas

Airplane Party Game

Here’s a great collection of Airplane party game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Airplane party. Flying Through Hoops For this airplane party game hang different size hula hoops in the air and have the kids throw their planes (either paper planes, or plastic planes… whatever you have) through the hoops. If you can’t hang the hoops, place them … Read more

Coolest Airplane Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Airplane Party Ideas and Photos

Airplane birthday ideas and photos by: Caroline from Scarsdale, NY My airplane party was a simple party for a 2 year old that was mostly adults! I had airplanes hanging from the ceiling, an airport on the floor (mat with runways and 6 wooden airplanes), streamers framing the doorways/windows and on the chandelier, airplane coloring … Read more