Coolest Kids Birthday Party Ideas for a Circus Theme Birthday

Get ready for the Greatest Show on Earth with these cool circus and carnival kids birthday party ideas. Circus Party Supplies at Birthday in a Box Carnival Party Supplies at Shindigz Circus Party Supplies at Amazon Circus Invitations The invitations can be ‘Admit One’ tickets to your circus. You can cut them out of red … Read more

Coolest Carnival Game Ideas for a Circus and Carnival Birthday

Here’s an awesome collection of Carnival game ideas, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Circus and Carnival theme party. Many of the carnival game ideas on this page have been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself. If you’ve got any cool ideas to add just scroll to the bottom of the page and share them with us, Thanks! … Read more

Coolest Circus and Carnival Kids Party Games

Here’s an awesome collection of Circus and Carnival theme kids party games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Circus theme birthday party. Musical Clown Noses This game has the same concept as musical chairs. Place a pile of red sponge clown noses on a table or on the floor and have the kids walk around them in … Read more

Coolest Carnival Birthday Party Games

Ping Pong Bouncer Game by Russell Johnson (Magnolia, Arkansas) Get a large box about 3’ x 3’ square (width). Cut down three sides to about two feet high and the fourth side all the way off, which will be the opening, facing the player. Get a 3’ x 3’ square of egg crate foam rubber … Read more

Duck Hunt Carnival Game by Wendy

This was the simplest and the MOST popular game. I used my print program to find a picture of a duck, then found a bulls eye and overlaid it on top of the duck and printed them out I covered them in clear tape (you can also use clear contact paper). I taped smoothly over … Read more

Milk Bottles Carnival Game by Wendy

I had help with this one, but you can do it on your own. My dad made 6 bottles out of scrap wood, I painted them white with a red stripe on the neck like old fashioned milk bottles. If you don’t have a woodworker in your life you can do this with plastic soda … Read more

Skee Ball Carnival Game by Wendy

This is my favorite and once I planned out how I wanted it, it wasn’t that difficult to make. I used a two long wide strips of cardboard taped together for the ramp. I painted them green. I made the top part separately. I used a large square piece of cardboard the same width as … Read more

Coolest Carnival Party for a Child’s 3rd Birthday

Coolest Carnival Party for a Child's 3rd Birthday

I have always loved planning parties and had a great time planning my two son’s birthdays when they were small. I am now a grandmother and have one 3yr old grandson I am enjoying. In planning his first 3 parties I have tried to go with themes he is currently interested in. He is an … Read more

Coolest Carnival 1st Birthday Party

Coolest Carnival 1st Birthday Party

This party was thrown for a 1 year old. Because we don’t have many friends with babies; it turned into a very cool summer bash for my two older kid’s aged 5 & 12. I believe this party can be thrown for a child of any age. I even used the theme for my baby … Read more

Coolest Circus 5th Birthday Party

I did the Coolest Circus Themed Party for my daughter’s 5th Birthday. I tried to bring the theme into many details throughout the party: Balloons: They were set all over the backyard into groups of 3 balloons – red, yellow and blue (Primary Circus Colors) Piñata: I used a circus Elephant for the Pinata….is was … Read more

Coolest 7th Birthday Carnival Party

Coolest 7th Birthday Carnival Party

For our kids 7th and 9th birthdays we had a carnival for each of them and did it on a budget! I can’t afford to spend a lot of money on birthday parties but I still want them to be spectacular so for our carnival I made almost all the games. I estimate the party … Read more

Coolest Carnival Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Carnival Party Ideas and Photos

Carnival party ideas and photos by: Heather from East China, MI For my son’s third birthday we had a carnival party theme. I mixed ideas that I got from this site with my own. Invitations: I printed 3 to a page on red cardstock and cut the corner to look like an oversized ticket that … Read more

Coolest Circus Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Circus Party Ideas and Photos

Circus party ideas and photos by: Courtney from Falkner, MS We celebrated our little girl’s 4th birthday “Circus” style! I like to do things big. So what better way to party than with a “Big Top” circus party theme? We held our “circus” in our church gym with over 50 people attending. To set the … Read more

Coolest Circus Theme Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Circus Theme Party Ideas and Photos

Circus theme party ideas and photos by: Allyson from Lafayette, LA For my daughter Amelia’s third birthday we had a circus birthday. Amelia wanted a merry-go-round cake. The circus cake was Duncan Hines chocolate with Wilton Butter cream Frosting recipe. The party colors were red, blue and yellow. The bottom tier of the cake was … Read more

Coolest Clown Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Coolest Clown Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Clown birthday party ideas and photos by: Sandra from Peoria, IL For my son’s fifth birthday he wanted a clown birthday party. So we dug out the face paint and went to work! I made his invites on our computer. Mostly clip art and the important party info. For decorations we used yellow and red … Read more

Marble Maze Carnival Game by Wendy

Marble Maze: I used a large cardboard box and cut it in half so that it was about 3 inches deep. Then I used the scraps to make walls for the marble to run through. I cut some trap door holes in the bottom of the box as traps. I taped the walls in and … Read more

Bean Bag Toss Carnival Game by Wendy

Bean Bag Toss: I used a large sheet of cardboard (you can often get a big piece from furniture stores). I cut out six holes, painted the entire piece red and painted around the holes to look like paint splatters. I numbered the holes 1 through 6 for points. I used scrap fabric to sew … Read more