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Coolest Construction Theme Party Ideas

For my twin boys’ 1st b-day party we had a construction theme party.

I found invites, dump truck plates and napkins and a few signs online and then paired it with caution tape, tagging tape (instead of streamers) hard hats, surveyors vests and other road construction items I bought online.

Games and Decorations

Miniature marking flags mapped out the track for the baby crawling contest that took place in the back yard. That’s where we held the construction theme party. The yard and tent practically dripped with yellow, orange and white tagging tape which is long lasting and weatherproof plastic. It’s much better than crepe and comes 300 feet to a roll for a little over a dollar. The Caution tape was not only a fun accent but also allowed me to barricade off areas where the children shouldn’t play and guests shouldn’t park. We even used it to wrap up the boys at their professional portrait session…what fun!!

Any mom of twins needs caution tape. Mom and Dad, in hard hats and surveyor’s vests were easily visible. As well as well protected from the party guests ranging in age from 6 months to 5 years.


The menu consisted of construction worker sack lunches with their names on them for all the kids. And grilled tires (burgers) for the adults. All side dishes and condiments were served in the dump beds of new Tonka dump trucks. Punch was served from a large yellow cooler like the ones seen at construction sites.

Construction Theme Party Conclusions

During the construction party, the older kids rode their bikes through the baby crawling track when it was not in use and played in a children’s pool filled with pea gravel and small bulldozers and other construction toys. Each child took home a small matchbox sized bulldozer, plastic hammer and hardhat with their name on it as their party favor. What a great time everyone had at the construction theme party!!!! And so much easier than when I threw the veggie tales party for their sister…at that one I carved little faces and glued eyes on the vegetable centerpiece!!!

Hubby thinks I go a little overboard, but what the heck.

Construction theme party ideas and photos by: Tracey T.