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Pirate party ideas and photos submitted by:
Jackie from Essex, UK


This was a pirate theme party for my daughter's 18th this year. All the props were made especially for the party and most of our village attended.


Pirate Party ideas


Pirate Party ideas


The invites read:

Ahoy Matey!!
Whether Ye be a land-lubber or a salty sea-dog,
Ye be invited to MissCatherine’s 18th fancy dress birthday party,
The crew be mustering at Eight of the Clock on
Saturday Third February Two Thousand and Seven
In the marquee behind the Kings Head Pub,
Bradwell on Sea

Only pirates, wenches and other suitably attired shipmates will be allowed on board. Non-pirates will be forced to walk the plank.

Bring this invite with you, as it be your personal pass to the world of pirates.

For the tables we made unique pirate treasure maps. No two maps were the same. They took nearly 6 months to make and almost all the guests were mentioned somewhere on the maps. I also used old wine bottles etc and melted different colored candle wax down the sides. One bottle was then put on each table.


Pirate Party ideas


Other pirate party ideas were gold chocolate coins, eye patches, wash off tattoos were put on each of the tables as well. I made the treasure chest cake and my daughter's dress.


Pirate Party ideas



Pirate Party ideas


The chest was loosely based on Davy Jones' locker. The Treasure Island included two tones of sand specially brought in. The island was lit with lights that looked like rocks. My husband made the palm trees and treasure chest and also the crows nest.

For the buffet I even managed to track down cocktail sticks with little pirate flags on them. We also borrowed old oak barrels from a friend. These made superb bar tables. We had a fantastic time and everyone helped with their party ideas and made a great effort with all their costumes.


Pirate Party ideas



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