Coolest DIY Pirate Ship

We created a pirate ship using tables turned on their sides. We covered them with cardboard and brown paper. Around the outside bottom of the ship we used blue tarps to resemble water; we also left 3 openings on the ship where the children loaded on and off the pirate ship and, of course, a … Read more

Pirate Party Guest Sign In Activity

As the guests arrived, they started at the sign in table. I made a scroll out of brown shipping paper and a paper towel tube decorated with pirates and coins. The kids loved signing their names and leaving a message to Brandon.

Huge Homemade Pirate Ship

You just HAVE to see the pics with the 9 foot, paper mache pirate ship. This was for the kids to play in at the party. It has a moving wheel and a captain’s cabin.

Pirate Pretzels Party Game

We had another Pirates birthday game called Pirate Pretzels where the kids put a pirate hook on their hand and tried to see how many pretzels they could hook in 10 seconds.

Bomb the Pirate Ship Party Game

The birthday boy was very busy making a pirate ship out of Bristol board complete with sails. We glued this to the front of a large cardboard box and cut three holes in it. The object of this Pirates birthday game was to BOMB THE PIRATE SHIP with blue tennis balls.

Coolest Pirate Party Theme Ideas

Out of all the many party theme ideas to choose from, we decided to have a pirate party for my son Dylan’s 6th birthday. Invitations We used recycled water bottles to hold the invitations we made. The invitations were made using my computer (I used Old English Text font for the invite but I did … Read more

Coolest Pirate Party Ideas

For my sons 6th birthday we had a Pirate Party. For party decorations I had black plates and napkins, lots of Halloween skeleton stuff (his birthday is in November so I got deals on it). I got these cups with skeletons on them (which the kids got to take home). I made the hats with … Read more

Coolest Pirate Birthday Ideas

Here’s Ryan’s Pirate Birthday Party (5 years old )! Let me first say, I got a great deal of my ideas from this website. Thanks! Our pirate invitation was a map, with the edges burned and rolled up and placed inside of a plastic Coke bottle. On the outside of the bottle, I stuck a … Read more

Coolest Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Here’s my son’s 7th birthday party. Enjoy our pirate birthday party ideas for your next party! Invitations For the invitations I soaked paper in coffee, dried them in the microwave, printed out the info onto the dry paper, burned the edges then painted cooking oil on them and let them dry. The end result looked … Read more

Coolest Pirate of the Caribbean Party Ideas

For my son, Joshua’s sixth birthday he had a Pirate party that was inspired by Pirate of the Caribbean. We had his birthday at a park beside the beach so I could do a treasure hunt and have the kids dig for treasure in the sand. Costumes For the Pirate of the Caribbean costumes I … Read more

Coolest Kids Pirate Party Ideas

pirate party

My Daughter Allyn really wanted a Pirate party so the boys could attend and play too. (Last year we did Cinderella’s Tea Party.) In the photo below she’s wearing a purple bandanna front and center. Bottom line is that THIS SITE gave me everything I needed, with a little embellishment and personal touch, to have … Read more

Coolest Kids Pirate Party Ideas

Here are the pirate party ideas from my daughter’s 18th this year. All the props were made especially for the party and most of our village attended. Invitations The invites read: Ahoy Matey!! Whether Ye be a land-lubber or a salty sea-dog, Ye be invited to MissCatherine’s 18th fancy dress birthday party, The crew be … Read more

Coolest Pirates Birthday Party Ideas

My son’s birthday is in the summer so he already had some ideas about what he wanted to do (water gun fight, pool and slip and slide). I wanted a theme that would tie in to all of that and give the kids something to do besides just swimming. A pirates birthday seemed to be … Read more

Coolest Pirate Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Ahoy Mateys! The invitations for the Pirate theme birthday were one of the coolest parts. I printed a picture of a treasure chest then printed my wording on a scroll. I couldn’t use a real scroll because the kids got them at school and they have a folder to bring their things home in. It … Read more

Coolest Pirate Theme Party Ideas

For my son’s 5th birthday party Brandon decided he wanted to have a pirate theme party. Being that Pirates of the Caribbean is his favorite movie, he dressed up like Captain Jack Sparrow. We found the accessories at Wal-Mart. He wore black pants from another pirate costume he had and a white tee shirt. The … Read more

Coolest Pirate Treasure Party Ideas

For my son Jacob’s 7th birthday we decided to have a pirate treasure party. Ahoy Matey! Invitations We started with pirate invitations made on the computer on a scroll that read- “Ahoy Matey, you are hereby invited to walk the gangplank; Captain Morgan will be in harbor from (time) on (date) in search of a … Read more

Coolest Pirate Treasure Hunt Party Ideas

Pirate Treasure Hunt party ideas and photos by: Janine This Treasure Hunt is taken from Janine’s Pirate Birthday Party Tale For the treasure hunt I used colors for the clues. The first one was a RED CLUE: “If you want to find the long lost treasure, follow the clues with fun and pleasure. Use the … Read more

Coolest Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Ahoy Matey! Prepare for an adventure on the high Pirate birthday party seas with these swashbuckling ideas that’ll blow you outta the stormy ocean! Inexpensive Pirates Party Supplies at the Dollar Store Pirate Party Supplies at Amazon Pirate Invitations You’ll want to use a Pirate font, or anything that looks like it’s taken from the … Read more

Coolest Pirate Games for a Pirate Theme Birthday Party

Here’s an awesome collection of Pirate games, perfect for throwing the coolest ever Pirate theme birthday party. Find the Crocodile Tick tock, find the croc. With a little imagination, an egg timer makes a suitable crocodile (remember Peter Pan? the ticking crocodile…) Have pirates (the kids) try to locate the hidden croc by its tick, before … Read more

Coolest Pirate Birthday Party Games

Cannonballs Away Pirate Game by Dorothy R. (Greeley, CO) Make two large pirate ships out of two refrigerator or sofa boxes (you can go to your nearest furniture store to find some). Divide the kids into two groups and put each team in their box. Give the first team two dozen ping-pong balls (you can … Read more

Treasure Chest and Pirate Party Decorations

For decorations I used many birthday party theme ideas I read about from this website. I found lots of pictures online from Pirates of the Caribbean , and other pirates and put them on our hallway walls and all around the house. I made a big treasure chest from an empty cardboard box and glued … Read more

Pirate Party Homemade Mural Decoration

I made a mural in our living room (one of the birthday party theme ideas I do every year, each time I change it according to the theme of the party). The mural was of a big pirate ship in the water going towards an island with a palm tree and a big black X … Read more

Pin the X on the Treasure Pirate Party Game

We then went back in the house and played “Pin the X on the Treasure”. I made a big treasure map similar to the one for the invitation. I made red X’s for each child with their name on it. Then we had a treasure hunt. Each child received a small swatch of wrapping paper. … Read more