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Coolest Clifford Child Party Ideas and Photos

Child party ideas and photos by: Robin from Wilmington, NC

I had the idea to “PArtY it forward” for my son’s second birthday party in June. I searched for different child party ideas and this is what I did. We had a Clifford themed party and instead of presents each guest was asked to bring a donation to Paw’s Place, our local no-kill animal rescue center. I included a list of suggested donations in with the invitations – things like dog toys, treats and food.

I had red plastic dog bowls (from the dollar store!) to eat Clifford cake out of and then after the party washed out the bowls and added them to the donation box. We also had bone shaped cookies and “kibble” (Chex Mix). The party was at a park so there was lots of climbing and running.

I also had a reading table with lots of Clifford books and a craft table where the kids could make doggie bookmarks.

The biggest hit though was the big range box I got from the local appliance store. I cut out a door and painted it yellow with “CLIFFORD” over the door and it was fun for all. Add a box of sidewalk chalk and there’s no need for organized games! At two-years-old I’m not sure Zac completely understood the idea of giving to charity but he sure liked going to deliver everything we had collected and getting to see all the doggies.

I tried the “No presents please” approach for his first birthday but some of the older kids were really sad they couldn’t pick something out. This year they got to choose fun dog stuff and make a difference, what a great combination. I hope to continue this tradition of child party ideas in some form each year trying to match theme and charity when possible.

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Coolest Clifford Child Party Ideas and Photos