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Coolest 7 Year Old Girls Moroccan Spa Birthday Party

My seven year-old Daughter is obsessed with everything girly! We were running out of ideas – we have done cooking parties, gymnastics/dance parties and even did a “drive-in” theatre party complete with popcorn, cotton candy and hot dog machines. She just LOVES getting her nails done, so we decided this year we would do a spa party theme. We were hiring girls from a local spa company to do the nails, but we didn’t want the party in the house and chance having nail polish all over the house, hence came the idea of the “Moroccan” themed spa.

The girls came dressed in PJ’s and robes. We set up a tent outside, added tiny little white lights, pink bubble curtains at the entrance, and made large pink flowers from tissue paper and put tiny pink lights inside them to light up the top of the tent.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

Of course before the party started, so did the rain! My husband made a quick “floor” from plywood to keep the girls off the ground and we put in a Moroccan rug, and blow up chairs so the girls had a place to sit while getting pedicures – of course they weren’t just regular pedicures but pink jello pedis!

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

The girls loved it, and took the chairs home as part of their favor bags along with flip flops, nail polishes and designs, soaps shaped like pedicured feet etc.

We did lots of finger food, you know spa fare . . . cucumber sammies, cream cheese, turkey, ham all cut in tiny shapes, lots of tea cakes, pink candies and of course pink smoothies from pink plastic “fancy” tall glasses. We decorated everything that didn’t move with pink feather boas, and pink gems. Little pink tea lights with pink gems inside lit the walkway into the house, bathroom and porch. The cake was the fun part, my Daughter wanted her own mini cake and then cupcakes for the girls, so that’s what she got, a yummy vanilla cake with fondant nail polish bottles and white chocolate “feet” they were so cute and the girls felt very special!

They all had jello pedicures, manicures with nail designs and cucumber eyes to complete the spa feel.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

They are very into Justin Beiber, so he welcomed the girls to the spa clad with tiny white lights and the girls watched the movie and danced while their nails dried.

We have received so many complements on this girls party theme I’m not sure how we will top it next year.