Coolest Slumber Party Ideas

Slumber party ideas and photos by: Amy from Blair, NE

Our invitations were mini pillows “stuffed” with the information of the party! For activities we made a foam craft picture frame that said “Slumber Party Fun” and I took a digital picture, copied it off and sent it home with each girl. I also got a pack of pillowcases and we decorated those with fabric paints – My daughter had each attendee sign her’s for a keepsake!

Amy's Slumber Party Tale

We had a movie and popcorn in bags just like you’d get at the movies – silly and scary bedtime stories – a pyramid – and a little bit of sleep! The next morning was an easy breakfast of juice, bananas, rolls, and doughnuts before most of the girls needed to be at the soccer fields for games!

It was a great time for all!