Coolest Kid Birthday Parties

Do Yourself A Favor And SAVE On Child Party Favors

Children expect goodie bags, also known as child party favors, and may be a bit disappointed if they don't get any.

So make sure you prepare your favor bags in advance and hand them out as the kids leave.

Not before.

This way they won't be comparing who gets what and it'll make leaving the party a bit easier for those who find it hard to say goodbye.

There are lots of very cool pre-made party favor packs available for purchase online, for instance:

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Shindigz Child Party Favors

However, making the favors on your own is both fun and it's likely to save you quite a bit of money.

One of many do-it-yourself ideas is to buy small bags from the supermarket for next to nothing and have the kids decorate them during the icebreaker activities. You can also decorate them yourself ahead of time. The options are endless and you'll find lots of do-it-yourself favor bag ideas on each theme page.

And one last tip for finding trinkets, accessories, and, of course, sweets - check out your local dollar store - it's a is a great place to stock up and save.