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  • Garden Birthday Party
    Jamie's Insect Birthday - 6yr
  • Garden Birthday Party
    Sandra's Garden Birthday - 7yr


The garden party theme offers you many different and fun variations. You can throw a flower patch, rose garden or vegetable garden party using the plants that grow in the garden as the theme for your party. Or, you can throw an insect party with lots of bugs, bees, spiders, ladybugs, butterflies, caterpillars, worms and other living insects as the main theme for an insects party. You can even choose just one insect to be the main theme for the party - for instance a Bee birthday party.

Of course, you can combine both insects and plants to throw a cool garden/insects theme party.

Some of the games the kids can play at your garden party can include: "Pin the Spider on the Web" (or pin the bee or the butterfly on the flower), "Rake in the Sandbox" (to find all sorts of prizes and trinkets), "Bean Bags in Flower Pots", and many more.