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Coolest 5th Birthday Princess Tea Party

My daughter decided she wanted a birthday princess tea party for her 5th b-day. I set up a table with a pink table cloth and tiaras and crowns for the boys and girls to decorate upon arriving at the party (foam crowns). I put together 3 long tables with pretty purple tablecloths for them to sit at and eat… just to give it a more elegant feel.

I served pizza, meatballs, veggies & dip, and chips. Then we played 3 princess tea party games. The first game was princess musical chairs. Instead of chairs it was mats that my friend made with different princesses on them and the kids had to keep piling on the mats as one was taken away each time the music stopped (the music was the princess tea party cd, naturally). It was a fun alternative to the traditional musical chairs with lots of giggling as the kids piled on one another (the kids were aged 2-8 years).

Then we play a “teabag toss” into tea cups I had set out. My husband sewed a “teabag” out of brown felt and navy beans from the store that we constructed into a tea bag. Our last time was “hot tea” which was just like hot potato except we used our bean bag “tea bags.” Then for the “tea party” I served cupcakes that I constructed to look like tea cups and a teapot.

Our treat bags were plain white bags filled with goodies that I made to look like teabag envelopes.

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