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Coolest Wedding Theme Birthday Party for an 8 Year Old

If there is one thing that little girls [dream] of, it is being a [bride]. I know I did as a child and my daughter was no different and either were her friends. Being able to dress like a princess and [marry Prince Charming] were the stories of childhood and it was this that formed the theme for a birthday bash that my daughter’s friends spoke about years later when they were all in high school – the trademark of a very successful party!

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

The invitations were the first thing that separated this party from the rest and made it more special. We printed them onto white cardstock and used a typical wedding invitation format. Outlined in gold, with light gold hearts intertwined in the center, the wording and type print alluded at what was to come.

Wedding Party

The only thing on the invitation that was different was the addition at the bottom to come wearing a white t-shirt. These invitations were then rolled and tied in pink ribbon with a little bud rose attached and then hand delivered.

When the girls arrived, they were met at the door by Prince Charming, my husband, who handed out blue ring boxes to them. When they opened them, they found a beautiful “[diamond]” ring inside. Prince Charming then told them that he had been given them in trust by someone who wanted to “marry” them and was waiting to meet her. After receiving their rings, the girls were then sent to the wedding boutique downstairs.

We had this set up as a true wedding boutique with prints of brides pasted around, lots of white tulle and lace and big mirrors where they could model in front of. This is also where the white t-shirt request came from. In front of each girl was a work area with sequins, crystals, glitter, stickers, ribbons etc. along with glue.

At this point, each girl had the opportunity to decorate the lower half of her wedding gown. (Note to self: if I did this again, I would have sewn each and every skirt) Instead, these girls dresses were made from white plastic garbage bags with the draw strings on top. I simply cut off the bottom and added stronger ties at the waist and we were in business. The girls spent time and much fun creating their [dream dress]. While they were drying, we moved on to the flower shop.

Entering the flower shop, the girls were given a lace bouquet handle with mounding base. From there, they were free to walk around the pails of flowers and filler to add to their bouquets. There were also beads, feathers and other jewels that could be added too. They then moved to the work table where they were taught how to use floral tape and flower picks. After that, they were on their own and had a blast creating these pretty posies.

When the bouquets were done, we then moved on to the hair dresser to pick how to wear our veils, but first, we had to make them. Each girl received a white headband and were given a selection of pearl sprays, flowers, ribbons and jewels. We then added gathered tulle to the back for the veil. After this, we went to the jewelry store where each girl was able to pick the jewels and beads and put together her own wedding necklace.

Now, the girls were ready to get all dressed up and model for themselves and each other in front of the giant mirrors. With the white t-shirts, each “[wedding dress]” looked complete. The excitement level was growing as the girls knew something was happening but they were not sure what.

It was now that the girls were invited upstairs to meet and marry the man who had entrusted the rings to Prince Charming at the door when they first came in. The whole area was covered in pink and white streamers, pink and white balloons, paper wedding bells, hearts and glitter. Standing patiently in the corner stood a headless groom. I could not find any stand up cardboard grooms, so I painted myself one. I based his measurements on my daughter and her friends as I did not want him too tall. I painted him in a black tux with pink accessories onto light weight plywood and then cut him out. At the top, where the head should be, I left about a 6 inch piece of wood, think ruler. While I used wood, it would work just as well in cardboard.

I knew a headless groom would not fly with the girls, so to up the excitement some what, actually a lot, I told them they were marrying their favourite Back Street Boy! You should have heard them [scream]. Just before the actual wedding photos’s were taken, the girls headed to the make up station to enhance their natural beauty.

Now I will explain about the headless groom and the BSB. I googled and looked in magazines etc. for life size photo’s of each of the Back Street Boys faces. When I found good ones, I printed them off on quality photo paper and attached them to some good strength cardboard. Once again, I cut carefully around the image to make it look as life like as possible. On the back of each head, I had the hook part of velcro, the loop part was on the stick that stuck out of the groom. Voila! Now each girl could marry her favourite guy.

As the girls returned, they walked down the aisle to the wedding march to their groom and the photographer took her photo. I believe that since it was the BSB, each girl married each guy, one after another. Wonder what would be said if we did that in real life? But mom, I just can’t choose, I love them all, lol!

Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Now, onto the food. We had a beautiful table covered in a white cloth with a lace cloth over top. In the centre was the beautiful birthday cake.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

It was a [two tier wedding cake], iced and decorated by my sister, with pink icing flowers and a wee bride and groom on top. The girls loved it. We also served finger sandwiches cut into circles, fancy candy in crystal bowls and fruits and veggies too. We used fancy wedding themed paper plates and napkins, silver cutlery, and plastic champagne glasses. For drinks, we served sparkling apple juice to use as champagne. Other drinks were also available.

Now we had a few games. We played dance freeze, just like freeze, when the music stops, you stop. We played lost ring, where everybody had to try to find the missing ring before the wedding. We played pin the bow tie on the groom. The Macarena was also popular at that time, so of course, that went in there too. The last thing we did was to let the girls decorate a picture frame to put their wedding photo in. And, since no party is complete without a pinata, we had a unicorn one for the party.

Wedding Party

Just for your interest, each girl went home with her skirt, veil, bouquet, necklace, diamond ring and photo frame. They were also given loot bags with more wedding like items such as bubbles, candy, glitters and confetti, and, of course, all the candy that was in the pinata.

I hope you enjoyed our wedding party. It was so much fun to do. While I love to give my kids big parties, I am also, like most, restricted by budget. This means I have to get creative in order to bring an idea to life. You will find that this idea is easily adaptable to whoever your young bride fancies at this moment – Zac Efron, Justin Beiber, the Jonas brothers. The sky is the limit. Have fun with it. Thank you for considering this entry.

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  1. This sounds like the coolest birthday party ever! I’m so disappointed that I had to move and missed out on this! Cailey and I killed the Macarena!! :)

  2. Very creative; lots of fun for all the girls. Good
    food. A real talent to come up with this theme party. Looks like lots of fun for the girls to create their own wedding dress and accessories.

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