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Coolest Harry Potter Party Ideas and Photos for Kids

Harry Potter party ideas and photos by: Lisa from Stratford, CT

For my daughter’s 11th birthday we did a Harry Potter birthday party. We sent invitations that read like Hogwart’s acceptance letters. We recruited relatives to dress up and be professors for potions class (we made lava lamps) and transfiguration class (we played charades using Harry Potter themed ideas).

I made my own version of the Daily Prophet and gave the kids a folder with puzzles and coloring pages to do while we waited for guests to arrive.

Harry Potter Party

I purchased the sorting hat and read the poem to sort the children into houses (we only did 2). For lunch at our Harry Potter birthday party we set up a long table in the Grand Dining Hall and served dragon links (hot dogs), Hagrid’s hash (potato salad), bat wings (chicken wings) and made chilled Butter Beer (cream soda with butterscotch syrup) and a Harry Potter cake.

Instead of a piñata I set up a room as Honeydukes and gave each child a bag to buy candy. We made acid pops (blow pops dipped in pop rocks), chocolate frogs, lemon drops, giant pixie sticks, cockroach clusters (purchased gummy rats and sour gummy worms and of course Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor beans.

Harry Potter Party

At our Harry Potter party we also played Quidditch and Moaning Myrtle (blind man’s bluff) and Prisoner of Azkaban (freeze tag).

Harry Potter Party