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Lor’s Young Jedi Training Star Wars Party

My son’s 8th birthday was a young Jedi training Star Wars party. Since it was August, we enjoyed most of the party outdoors!

As the boys arrived, each received a homemade light saber (half a pool noodle with a duct tape handle) to decorate using permanent markers. They were then taken outside to practice their light saber skills. I let them battle each other for a bit, then started the games.

First, they had to cross the Swamp at Dagobah (our driveway that I colored with chalk!) They broke into two teams and had “rocks” made of cardboard approx. 12″ long. The boys had to take turns passing the rocks down the line and laying them in the swamp. They could only step on the rocks and had to get to the other side.

Then, they returned to their light sabers for some training- they had to pop bubbles and keep a small balloon levitated. Then we had a Jedi obstacle course complete with Yoda. I stuffed a large teddy in a backpack, then put a Yoda costume on the bear. The boys had to take turns carrying Yoda on their backs all around the course: running in and out of trees (the forest), swinging on a vine (swing), climbing a mountain (rock wall on swing-set), sliding down, and then use the force to levitate the X-Wing fighter (a toy strung by fishing wire).

The boys were tired after this, so we went in for some Yoda Soda and Light Saber Snacks (green Hawaiian punch/Sprite with pretzel rods). Then we returned outside for the Battle at Naboo. I had a large circle made on the grass. Half the boys were on the inside of the circle and were defending the cardboard figures of Padme and the palace. The other boys were on the outside of the circle armed with splash bombs. They loved trying to get the cardboard & their friends wet!

Then, the boys had to release aliens that were caught in space ships (green aliens inside balloons). We lined the aliens up on our fort and the boys took aim at them with their blasters (water guns!)

Finally, the boys had to go on a meteorite search. I had hidden 30+ foil wrapped surprises around the yard. Most were glow in the dark space themed shapes that they took home in their goody bags. Some were clues to a secret message: Yoda says it is time for cake. Report to the sunroom you will.

After our X-Wing fighter cake & some more Yoda soda, we showed the boys 10 minutes of Episode 1- just the Pod Racer segment. Then, the boys created their own pod-racer models using tons of recycled materials that I’d saved & spray painted. This took them 45 minutes or more because they were really into building and adding creatively to their racers!

After gifts we allowed the boys to replay some of their favorite games and use the blasters and light sabers outside. They all went home with their pod racer model, light saber, blaster, alien, glow in the dark shapes and a few SW stickers. It was the best party we’ve had yet!