Coolest Bowling Party Ideas for Your Kid’s Next Birthday Celebration

The fun Bowling party ideas here will help you bowl a strike with your guests and their parents. To set your cool bowling scene, check out these great Bowling theme party supply packs: Awesome Bowling Birthday in a Box Bowling Birthday Supplies Many bowling alleys have special bowling party birthday packages. See if you can … Read more

Coolest Wild West Birthday Theme Party Ideas for an Awesome Kid Party

WANTED: Pioneers, prospectors, cowboys, outlaws and even in-laws!! Howdy there partner!!! Lookin’ to have a Rootin’ Tootin’ HOOT of a Western birthday theme party?! Well, you’ve come to the right placeā€¦ First off, make sure you get the best darn bargain on supplies by comparing between these Wild West party packages. You’ll find all the … Read more

Coolest Baseball Birthday Theme Parties

This Baseball party page is a supplement to the General Sports birthday theme parties section where you’ll find lots of the coolest basic sports-related birthday party ideas. A great place to have this party is at a local park where you can have the kids play a game of baseball, softball, T-ball or just catch. … Read more

Coolest Spy and Detective Birthday Party Themes

Here’s one of those birthday party themes you just can’t hide away from! It’s time to take the mystery out of party planning and head out for a Spy Detective birthday party! Detective Spy Birthday Supplies Spy Party Banners and Trinkets You’ll find many of the coolest ideas for a Spy Detective birthday party right … Read more

Coolest Birthday Party Theme Ideas a Backwards Theme Party

The Backwards birthday party theme is one of our favorites because it lets you and your guests go completely wacky and silly. You’ll be in for a ton of laughs and giggles at this birthday party! Backwards Invitations For this birthday party theme there are lots of creative invitation ideas. First off, you can send … Read more

Coolest Birthday Party Ideas for an Awesome Sports Theme Party

On this page you’ll find lots of great general sports kid birthday party ideas that can be tweaked to fit virtually any sports theme. If you’re interested in specific sports, we’ve created these pages for the following specific themes – Baseball, Basketball, Football, Olympics and Soccer. There’s no need to browse around forever trying to … Read more

Coolest Construction and Bob the Builder Birthday Party Ideas

CAUTION!!!!! PARTY AHEAD! The Bob the Builder Construction birthday party ideas on this page will help you create a DYNAMITE party! Note: If you’re not into Bob the Builder, the party ideas here can easily be tweaked to fit a “pure” Construction theme party. There are literally truck-loads of construction and Bob the Builder partyware … Read more

Coolest Kid Olympics Birthday Ideas

This Olympics party page is a supplement to the General Sports birthday ideas section where you’ll find lots of the coolest basic sports-related birthday party ideas… Let the Partying Begin! Your country’s Independence day decorations are excellent for an Olympics theme party – so, if your child wants an olympics theme, don’t hurry to package … Read more

Coolest Beach Scavenger Hunt

The beach scavenger hunt is a wonderful activity when you’re holding a party at the beach! Check out these free beach-ball scavenger hunt invitations you can print out and send to each guest: Worded Beach Scavenger Hunt Invitations Blank Beach Scavenger Invitations   When starting the beach scavenger hunt, divide everyone into teams and give … Read more

Coolest Kid Games for a Princess Theme Birthday Party

Here’s an awesome collection of Princess party kid games, perfect for throwing the coolest everĀ Princess birthday party. Diamond Drop Choose two teams with an even number of kids on each team. Designate a starting line and a finish line about 10 feet away. Each group of players lines up at the starting line. The first … Read more

Make a Wish Benefit Birthday Party

Benefit party by: Julie from Melbourne, FL The kids were totally into the benefit birthday idea and this was one of the most fun birthday parties we have ever had or been to. Most donations were between $5 and $25 and together the kids raised over $300 for the Make-a-wish foundation. Make a wish was … Read more

Winners of the 2004 Coolest Child Costume Contest

(Our first-ever child costume contest turned into a full blown Web site for you to enjoy – Take a look at Coolest Homemade Costumes…) GRAND PRIZE WINNER – $150 Gift Certificate “Peas in a Pod” Child Costume submitted by Lori D. Caledon Village, Ontario Canada This “Peas in a Pod” child costume was made for … Read more

Coolest Kid Fairy Costume Ideas

The fairy costume is one of the most popular girl costumes. And rightfully so! They’re all little fairies even without a costume! Unlike many of the other costumes, fairy and Tinkerbell costumes leave lots of room for your own creativity. Most often, you can create it on your own with clothing that’s laying around in … Read more

Cool Birthday Party Planning Tips

Thank You Note or Thank You Not? You don’t have to, but. Sending a thank you note is a great way to let your guests and their parents know how much you and your child appreciate their effort. I truly understand why most often thank yous are NOT sent out. So much energy is put … Read more

Important Birthday Party Planning Tips

The party planning tips below will come in very handy when you’re planning your next party. Often, with all the stress involved in throwing a party, little – yet very important – things can make the difference between an awesome party and a not-so-great party. Regardless, the most important tip is to remember to have … Read more

How is Happy Birthday Said Around the World?

In the Happy Birthday list below, we’ve tried to bring together all the different ways Happy Birthday is said around the world. Living in today’s global village, it’ll come in handy next time you want to wish your long-distance friend a joyous Birthday. Surprise them in their language! Afrikaans – Veels Geluk Met Jou Verjaarsdag … Read more

Birthday Traditions from Around the World

Although birthday traditions are quite similar in some countries today, not everyone celebrates in the same way. There are numerous traditions surrounding birthdays, some of which are described below. You may recognize some of the customs, while others will be very unfamiliar. There may also be special birthday traditions in your family or a friend’s … Read more

Create a Birthday Time Capsule

The Birthday Time Capsule is a wonderful activity for your kid’s birthday party, especially for a first birthday party. Prepare all kinds of stationery, envelopes, pens and colored pencils and let the guests write a letter to your child to be opened when they turn a predetermined age! (Some of the beloved relatives or guests … Read more

Birthday Jokes, Quotes and Sayings

Birthdays have inspired some of the funniest birthday jokes, quotes and sayings. So, sit back and get ready to read some of the funniest birthday jokes around. If you’ve got a few jokes of your own, share them below. Let’s See If You Can Answer These Birthday Jokes… Q: What do you give 900-pound gorilla … Read more

How Did Birthdays Start? Birthday History 101

Here’s a bit of Birthday History… Birthdays are original, personal, noteworthy traditions. Some people like to forget them. Others prefer smaller celebrations. But for some, the day must be a flag-waving, band-playing joyous merrymaking occasion. We are so used to celebrating our birthday every year that it seems like it’s been a tradition almost forever!! … Read more

Coolest Water Party Games

Body Water Dunk Party Game Take two kiddie pools or one large kiddie pool and place it under monkey bars (this is to be done at the park or on any playground available). Then, split the guests up into teams. Pick one person from each team to hang on the monkey bars. First person to … Read more

Coolest Princess Birthday Party Games

Cloud Cotton Ball Princess Game by Deonna You will need 2 medium sized bowls, a blindfold, a spoon, cotton balls, a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Getting ready: You need to fill one of the bowls with the cotton balls. Then space the 2 bowls on a table. Blindfold the first player … Read more