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Coolest Train Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Train birthday party ideas and photos by: Rachel from Rexburg, ID

To be honest, being a first birthday party, we went for SIMPLE with our train party!

I sent out little tri-fold invites with a train car on each fold (here is a sample of our invites…). We just had a family party since we weren’t sure how a bunch of 1 year olds would handle a big train party.

After meeting up with our families (both of which live close) we went to a little train station close to where we live. The trains are big enough for adults to ride in and the track was a 1/2 mile long going through tunnels, fields, and over bridges. We had a picnic lunch, rode the train and let all the younger kids play on the play equipment.


Train Birthday Party Tale


The greatest part of this party was the cake! I used all Little Debbie snacks and rice crispy treats to build an edible train. No clean up, forks, etc. It was WONDERFUL! (and VERY cheap to make!) I know that a train theme isn’t normally a girl theme, but we loved the thought of going to the train station and the more I thought of ideas for her cake, the more I was sure that this was the theme for us!


Train Birthday Party Tale


I started out with cosmis brownies (from Little Debbie…aka LD) and stacked them up. I put a Swiss Cake Roll on top and a little bit of frosting in front of that to put the candle in so that when it was lit it would look like the train actually had smoke coming out the front as a real one would. I put Nutty Bars (also L.D.) Stacked up as the back of the train. Pieces of licorice held the rice crispy cars to each other. Striped shortbread cookies were the wheels (I secured them with a little dab of frosting) and I filled the train cars with the extra goodies! It was SO easy and fast!

Our daughter loved being around lots of people she knew and we ALL had a blast riding the train and ringing the bell as we left the station!