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Coolest 4th Superhero Birthday Party

by Andrea
(Boca Raton, Fl, USA)

Superhero Birthday

Superhero Birthday

Superhero Birthday
Superhero Birthday Entrance
Superhero Birthday Visitor
Superhero Birthday Magic Show

Planning my son's Coolest 4th Superhero birthday party was So Much FUN. The decor was focused on his main superheroes: Spiderman, Silver Surfer, Batman, Wolverine, Ironman, Superman, and Hulk. Each superhero had its table and decor.

Decor: I purchased project board white and black and color cardboards at the dollar tree. With these I used them to paste my superheroes and make them 3D. Most of the big superheroes I used were from superhero scene setters bought online from Oriental Trading. Most of the decor I made with my Cricut machine and BigShot Scrapbook machines.

The water bottles, napkin holders, chocolate wrapping I designed on Photoshop, then printed them at Staples. I found out that printing them at Staples were better quality "laser" (the ink doesn't run), especially with the water bottles that eventually get wet...

I crafted a lot of toppers and Superhero 3D to decorate the tables. A few of the walls were covered with Superhero scene setters that I had from a previous party (bought on eBay).

Entertainment: We had an awesome magician for an hour and the kids played for a bit after. Then we opened the big Pinata (I borrowed a wooden box from a party place and decorated it superhero-style. Made the superheroes from foam to match the decor...). Lastly it was time for the special guest "Spiderman" which I have to say was very cool! He made the entrance from the roof of our house, kept the kids happy for about an hour and a half.

Food: We had Peter Parker Pizza, Goblin Food which was sandwiches with green Italian wrapped bread (from Publix) as well as pizza bites, burgers, and hot-dogs. Food for the adults was a bit different - there were different types of cookies and brownies. It was a kid's party so there was a lot of candy. We had a a small topper cake on a cupcake 3 tower holder, that I made from Foam. The cupcakes were decorated with superhero colors.

Favors: I use red, yellow, blue plastic buckets, on the side a place a 4"x4" clear sticker with a Spiderman image that said "Thanks For Celebrating".

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