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Coolest Ballerina 5th Birthday party

For Hannah’s 5th Birthday we decided that a ballet theme would be perfect! She adores ballet, and dressing up, so it was the logical solution!

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

Party planning started a year ago (I like to be prepared…)

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

I ordered pink tutus online for all the ballerinas (I estimated the number of girls in her preschool class, and just added a few extra) and shipping was free! I also found these adorable little ballerina charms on ebay, and ordered these for all the girls as little treats.

The invites were tutus cut out of pink cardstock, and tiny net tutus. The details were printed on back.

I made the party favour boxes out of 2L soda bottles, and cut the white net to size, so that when I put it around the cut bottles with a ribbon, it looked like a tutu! I placed pink crepe paper inside, and put the treats inside.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

I made a separate little mini popcorn box out of a pink damask template found online. I placed the popcorn into little cellophane packets tied with ribbon and the ballerina charm inside this box. Looked really cute!

I also made the cupcake wrappers to match the popcorn box, as well as the girls names on their tutus.

The cake was a double vanilla cake layered with caramel and covered in baby pink icing.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

A friend helped me make the ballerina and ballet shoes for the cake. Hannah absolutely adored her cake! I also displayed her name on the table. Other decorations included ballet pointe shoes loaned from our local ballet teacher.

I made a pinata for the girls too, by just covering a box in newspapers and pink crepe paper. Inside I placed some mini wands for each of the girls, and some sweets! They all had a ball hitting the pinata!

I also got my husband to blow up all the pink balloons he could and we left these on the floor for the girls to play with! It worked really well! They were wilder than some boys I’ve seen!

I also baked some star, heart and butterfly cookies which the girls could ice and decorate themselves. This was a real hit with the girls!

We also played “ballerina” statues, where I played ballet music while the girls danced like ballerinas, and froze when the music stopped! We also had balloon races with ballons between their kneees! So funny to see the girls all dressed in tutus with balloons trying to run! I also had a photoboard which I painted of a ballerina and the girls posed behind it for photos!

It really was an awesome day! And the girls all seemed to enjoy the party!

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  1. Wow! I could imagine the little girls wearing pink dress with their tutus. I’m sure they look so cute and adorable. And for sure the kids will really enjoy this birthday party. Great idea!

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