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Coolest Minnie and Mickey Mouse 2nd Birthday Party!

We couldn’t wait to celebrate our daughter Jordan turning 2 years old. We decided to have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme party since Jordan loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We invited around 60 people (adults and children).

Invitations were sent 6 weeks in advance and had the outline of Minnie Mouse’s face and ears, but with Jordan’s face in the center. They were colored hot pink, black and white, with a Disney font which read “Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse! Come join us at Jordan’s 2nd Birthday Clubhouse!”, then it provided the date. location and RSVP information.

We rented the local Recreation center, which included use of the gymnasium, two party hosts to facilitate games and tumbling, and a party room that overlooked the gym from the 2nd floor.

Jordan’s party included everything fun that a great party should have. We even ordered her a custom made Minnie Mouse outfit to wear at the party. It was made of all cotton, so it was comfortable and it read “J. J. Mouse” in rhinestones, shaped to a Disney font. Jordan’s Middle Name is “James”, after her father, so J.J. Mouse was the perfect name for her that day!

Since Jordan is a girl, we decided to decorate the party room with Minnie Mouse themed decorations which were purchased at Party City. These decorations primarily show Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Pluto on them, with primary color base of turquoise and hot pink however, we also utilized Mickey Mouse decorations with Goofy and Donald in the room as well to mix it up.

We had set up six long tables and chairs, all with Minnie Mouse themed tablecloths for the guests to sit at. All tables had place settings which included Minnie Mouse/Daisy Duck bordered paper plates that had Jordan’s face printed in the center of the plate (bought from Hallmark.com).

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

The plates read on them “Happy 2nd Birthday to Our Sweetie Jordan!”, which were ordered from Hallmark. Place setting included hot pink utensils, wrapped in purple napkins with computer printed napkin rings that had the silhouette of Minnie’s head on them, with the number “2” printed in the center of the head. The place settings also included a party blow out and a sugar pixie stick for each child.

All of the tables also had homemade Mickey and Minnie Daisy bouquets. I printed the flowers from Disney’s Family fun website; I then took a picture of Minnie mouse and a picture of Jordan’s face and placed it over Minnie Mouse’s face. This Minnie Mouse with Jordan’s face was pasted to each printed flower, in which a pipe cleaner was pasted to the flower to create the stem and stuck into pink and purple baskets. These baskets decorated all of the tables, including the food table as well. Also on each of the tables were purple bowls of cheese puffs, chips and pretzels, along with baskets of assorted candy for the kids to enjoy.

The room was filled with hot pink, purple, black and white balloons, with Minnie and Mickey Mylar balloons which had Jordan’s name personalized on them. On one wall there was a Mickey Mouse clubhouse scene setter. We also hung multiple Minnie Mouse themed Happy Birthday Banners, and a Personalized Minnie Mouse Vinyl Banner in the center of the room which read “Happy 2nd Birthday Jordan!”. I purchased several Mickey Mouse cutout decorations to hang all over the walls in the room to add to the theme.

Two tables were joined together to form the food buffet, both with Minnie Mouse tablecloths. I made two photo books on the web of Jordan to pass around at the party; one that had all pictures from Jordan’s 1st Birthday party, and the other was “Jordan’s 2nd Year”, which re-capped her entire 2nd year of life, with a special note from Mommy and Daddy. Guests enjoyed looking at these books.

Food included a Hoagie Tray, Pizzas, which were delivered mid-party, chicken nugget tray, soft pretzels, assorted dips, pigs in a blanket, and we rented a hot dog roller to cook hot dogs throughout the party.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

The hot dogs were displayed with a sign that I made that read “Please enjoy some of Mickey’s Hot Diggity Dogs”, with a picture of Mickey Mouse eating a hot dog.

We made three different types of cupcakes, including cupcakes that had a large Oreo and two mini Oreos to form Mickey’s face, cupcakes with chocolate wafer ears and pink iced bows, and photo cupcakes which had a picture of Minnie Mouse on the, except it was Jordan’s face over Minnie’s face and the bottom of the cupcake read “J.J. Mouse”. I made these by ordering the pictures through an edible icing company.

The birthday cake was a large 16 inch round 2 layer pound cake, also with a picture of Minnie Mouse with Jordan’s face over it. Beverages included assorted soda, juices and bottled water. Favors included “Toodles Taffies”, in which I made a taffy stand out of wood, spray painted it white and decorated the base with Mickey and Minnie scrap book stickers. The top of the stand was Toodles’ head, which I printed off the internet and wrote TOODLES TAFFIES in a whimsical font in the center of the head. I inserted assorted Cake Pops and lollipops for everyone to enjoy. Favors also include chocolate covered pretzels in cellophane bags and personalized Minnie Mouse tags that read “Thank you”. These tags matched the napkin rings.

For the kids, I made favors by taking tambourines and filling the hollow side of the tambourines with assorted candy and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Kazoos, which I wrapped in cellophane and tied with pink and purple ribbon. The white drum side of the tambourine were personalized with Minnie and Mickey stickers, and a clear label that read “Thank you for Coming to Jordan’s 2nd Birthday!”.

We also brought a radio into the room with assorted party music including the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse audio CD.

Upon the start of the party, kids were entertained with the “Daisy Duck Egg Hunt”. I purchased 172 plastic colored eggs and filled them with toys and candy. The party hosts hid them throughout the gymnasium before the kids arrived. Each kid was given a paper bag to go find their eggs. Once each kid found some eggs, he or she was given a Mickey mouse reward sticker by the party hosts. The kids LOVED THIS. They opened each and every egg with surprised faces and smiles!!

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

The gym was filled with trampolines, crawl through tunnels, sliding boards, tumbling mats, assorted balls, including a dozen of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse beach balls that I bought at the dollar store and inflated at the party. Party Hosts played parachute, duck-duck goose, and balloon games with the kids. They had a BLAST!!!

Parents were able to enjoy themselves and eat party room during play time if they liked to. After an hour of playing, the kids resorted to the party room, in which we sang Happy Birthday to Jordan.

When we got to the party room, the kids ate lunch. After the kids ate, I had booked a clown, who came in at that time and announced it was time to sing Happy Birthday! The clown then made everyone balloon animals while the kids enjoyed cake and Ice Cream sundae cups. The clown then performed a magic act, which was a big hit. I also hired Mickey Mouse character, who came in and took pictures with all of the kids at the end of the party.

Jordan and all of the kids (and even the adults) loved the party and had a ball! Everyone loved the party and raved about it afterwards. One weeks after the party, photo thank you notes were mailed to each guest thanking them from coming to the party. The thank you note had included pictures from the party on it, and a note that read:

“Celebrating my 2nd Birthday with you was so much fun! I had a MOUSEKA great time and hope you did too! Thank you for being a part of my special day and for your thoughtful gifts. Love and kisses, Jordan J.”

From what I am told, everyone said this was THE party to remember.

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  1. Hello that looked like a cool party. Where were you able to purchase the minnie mouse plates with her picture in them?

  2. Thanks — the party went great. I purchased the plates at Hallmark.com. Everyone commented on them and thought they were cute!

  3. I have lots of pictures, but this site only allowed me to put up 4 pics; ifyou provide your emaila ddress I will send to you:-)

  4. I’m a big fan of cupcake! It’s like a little jackpot for snack!! The homemade stuffs are much better than any other so I’m glad to be informed about it’s making. Wish to try it soon! thanks!

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