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Coolest Soccer Kid Birthdays Party Ideas

This Soccer party page is a supplement to the General Sports kid birthdays section where you’ll find lots of the coolest basic sports-related birthday party ideas.

A great place to have this party is at a local park where you can have the kids exert lots of their energy running around chasing soccer balls…

To start off, you’ll be needing soccer theme party supplies. Here are several packs for you to compare:

This party will be KICKIN’ good time!


Soccer Games and Activities

Make a goal in your back yard or at a park by putting cones (or anything for that matter) to be the perimeters of the goal. Line the kids up in front of the goals and have them practice kicking or heading the ball into the goal and showing off their fanciest or silliest tactics. You can even have a contest to see who can keep the ball up in the air the longest using their head, knees, feet, etc.

Aside from these classic drills and games, here are a few more game ideas for Soccer themed kid birthdays (don’t forget to pass out fun soccer horns to get the kids roaring and cheering their friends on. The cheer phones are also great for using as cones. Inflatable soccer balls can also come in handy):

Balloon Soccer

This is a great game for soccer kid birthdays. Set up two goals that are rather close to each other. Separate the group into two teams and have them play a game of soccer with a balloon. Another fun balloon game is to have the teams compete against each other as each kid “dribbles” a balloon to a designated point and returns. The first team to finish wins.

Soccer Bowling

Set up bottles full of water in a triangle (just like in real bowling) and instead of rolling the balls with your hands, have the kids kick the balls from a distance. You can keep score just like a bowling game.

Balloon Heads

For this game, give each kid a large inflated balloon. The purpose of this game is for players to hit the balloon up into the air, and keep it floating for the longest time while only using their heads.

Yellow Card Game

This is a small twist to freeze tag. One of the kids is chosen to be the referee (which is actually the ‘tagger’). The referee needs to run around and tag other players by sticking a yellow sticky note on them (which indicates that the player has received a yellow card – meaning that they have committed a foul) and needs to freeze. The only way a player that is frozen can be free again is if another player crawls under their legs (the players need to keep the yellow sticky notes on them). If a player has received three yellow sticky notes that player is out of the game. The last person to stay in the game wins and can become the referee next.

Soccer Balloon Pop

Here’s another hilarious game for soccer kid birthdays. Divide the guests into two equal groups. About 25 yards away, place mounds of inflated white and black balloons (over-inflate them to make popping easier). At the sound of a whistle the first two relay contestants, one from each team, run to the balloons and remove one. Each must sit on a balloon until it pops (you can have them try to pop a balloon by stepping on it instead). Once the balloon pops, the players run back to the starting line, and tag the next player in line. The first team to complete the course wins.

Soccer-Ball Blocker

This is a game that’s best with a larger group of kids at outdoor kid birthdays. Have everyone stand in a big circle while one of the kids is chosen to stand in the middle and be the “Soccer-Ball Blocker”. Then one of the kids in the circle kicks a soccer ball to a person on the other side of the circle. The soccer-ball blocker needs to try and intercept. If they achieve in doing this they become part of the circle and the person who tried to kick the ball to another player becomes the new soccer-ball blocker.

Soccer Pinata

Pinatas are a “kick” at outdoor kid birthdays such as this. If the kids are old enough, you can have them try to break this Soccer Pinata by kicking it while they are blindfolded!

Take a look at lot’s more sports-related games for kid birthdays…

Soccer Decorations

Black and white is your color scheme so use black and white balloons and streamers.

Cover the table with these inexpensive tissue grass mats to create a clever “grassy” soccer field table. Use white athletic tape to create the goal lines, halfway mark, center mark, penalty area, touchlines and corner arc.


Homemade Soccer Cakes

Check out the cool Soccer theme party cake ideas on coolest-birthday-cakes.com, the Web’s largest gallery of homemade birthday cakes. You’ll find thousands of cakes submitted by visitors like yourself with photos and how-to tips.


Soccer Party Food and Drink

Even though we don’t live in a black and white world, try setting the table with lots of dark-and-light-colored snacks to imitate the colors found on a soccer ball:

  • Soccer-ball pizzas: Take english muffins, cut in half horizontally, put spaghetti sauce on top of each half, sprinkle mozzarella cheese, cut pepperoni in the shapes of pentagons and put on pizzas. Place all of them on a baking sheet and bake.
  • Hamburgers with white American cheese
  • White rice with barbeque chicken
  • Black and white cookies (Oreo’s)
  • Black licorice
  • String Cheese
  • Chocolate and vanilla ice cream
  • White and dark chocolates, etc.


Soccer Party Favors

You can gather all sorts of soccer trinkets, such as whistles, tattoos, pencils, mini soccer balls, squirt bottles, etc. Here’s an excellent ready-made Championship Soccer Favor Pack with lots of cool stuff for the kids. It’ll also save you the time of piecing together your own favor packs.